Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

Your lower body, consisting of the legs and glutes, harbors the most significant muscles in your physique. Engaging them in workouts presents an efficient route to burning calories while also achieving a substantial fitness routine. Additionally, the beauty of these exercises is that they can be comfortably performed within the confines of your home.

It is easy to carry out hamstring exercises at home as well as quad exercises at home. With this routine, you don’t need any equipment and it will even help to exercise those calf muscles as well. Leg exercises at home couldn’t be simpler. 


Squats target your hamstrings, your quad muscles, and your glutes and are a great exercise to try at home. You can do them alone, or you can try holding dumbbells or kettlebells while squatting for an extra challenge. 

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Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home


Lunges should be carried out first on one leg, then on the other, for the best approach but again, these exercises are easy to do at home with no equipment required and will work all of your leg muscles. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

Single Leg Squat

For a really challenging leg exercise, try doing a squat while standing only on one leg. This is a really difficult exercise. As you drop down you should point your other leg out in front of your body and then do it again on the other leg. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

Bending Stretch

For a simple way to stretch those hamstrings, put your hands behind your head and then bend forwards from the hips, feel the stretch in your legs, and then stand up again. It’s a simple, but effective stretch to keep those hamstrings flexible. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

The Kicker

Another effective way to stretch your hamstrings is to lower down onto all fours, then lift one of your legs out behind you, stretching it out towards the ceiling, before bringing it back down again. Then do the same on the other leg. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

Lunge Sideways

As an alternative to the regular forward lunge movement, try side lunges where you take a step out to the side instead. Do this first on one leg and then on the other. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

The Bridge

Try this one for a really good stretch. Lie down with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, and then lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Hold it there and then lower it down again.

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

The Squat Jump

Once you have mastered the squat, you can move on to the squat jump. With this exercise, lower down into the regular squat position, but instead of just raising up to standing, push off to jump as high as you can, and then land in the squat position again with your knees bent. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

The Box Jump

Put your left foot on a box while your other foot remains on the floor. In a single motion, jump in the air and switch leg positions, so you land with your right foot on the box and your left foot on the floor. 

Leg Exercises You Can Do At Home

All of these simple leg exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home with no requirement for any equipment except perhaps a box or step to use for several of them, although you can use the bottom stair potentially. 

While it might be tempting to think that the only exercise that counts is what’s carried out in the gym, the reality is that your legs can be exercised at home very simply and easily, but still incredibly effective. 

By doing lots of reps and by adding in weights if you do have some, you will soon see a marked improvement in your leg strength and leg muscle appearance. 

Other Leg Exercises Without the Gym

Other ways you can exercise your legs without going to the gym include going out for regular walks or runs around your home area. If your knees are strong then running is a great way to get those leg muscles pumping. 

Cycling is another great hobby to take up if your focus is on getting those legs working and strong, and is another enjoyable pastime so maybe join a local cycling club as part of your effort to improve your leg strength. 

Swimming can also help to improve leg strength as well as overall stamina and fitness levels and can be undertaken at home if you have your own pool, or relatively cheaply down at a local swimming center if not.

cycling legs


There are many different ways you can improve your leg strength and exercise those all-important leg muscles at home, without the need for an expensive gym membership and all of that daunting equipment and weights. 

From home work-outs to running and cycling, it’s relatively easy to get those leg muscles in great order without splashing out a fortune on weights and gym kit. 

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