How To Wash Boxing Wraps

Boxing wraps are an essential piece of a boxer’s equipment, offering vital hand protection in each match. Moreover, they aid in protecting your gloves from the sweat produced by your hands.

But this does lead to a particular problem with boxing wraps. They get wet, smelly, and dirty very quickly as they are absorbing all the sweat from your hands during every fight. So, it’s really important to keep them clean and hygienic. 

Boxing wraps aren’t there just to soak up the sweat, however. They provide vital support to all of the small bones in your hands and wrists, helping to keep your hands safe and protected within your gloves as you train. 

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Keeping them clean doesn’t have to be a major chore. There are many easy ways to wash boxing hand wraps and make sure they are in pristine condition ready for every use so that your hands are protected and hygienic. 

Ideally, you will need to have several sets of boxing wraps, because it might take them a long time to thoroughly air dry after being washed, and wearing wraps that are even slightly damp could cause all kinds of problems for your hands. 

Here are some top tips for washing your boxing wraps.

Wash Them Through Immediately After Use

How To Wash Boxing Wraps

If you leave your sweaty wraps in your gym bag for days, they will be disgusting and unusable when you come to your next training session. Sweat and smells soak into the fabric and become harder and harder to get out, so wash them through as soon as you get home.

Use a Warm water rinse

How To Wash Boxing Wraps

When you get home, rinse through your used wraps in warm water to get rid of all of that day’s sweat and scents, straight away. You can do this in the sink and just rinse them as thoroughly as you can. 

Don’t Put Them in the Dryer

It’s important that you never put your boxing wraps in a tumble dryer. The heat from the machine will cause the fabric to shrink, not to mention melt the Velcro on the straps. Never try to tumble dry boxing wraps.

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Air Dry Your Boxing Wraps

How To Wash Boxing Wraps

After you have rinsed out your wraps you will need to let them dry naturally by hanging them loosely over a door or in the shower, anywhere that they can get air and dry by themselves.

Use a Sports Cleaning Spray

How To Wash Boxing Wraps

Once your wraps have dried naturally, you can use sports cleaning spray on them to help prevent any nasty odors that might still be lingering within the fabric. Make sure you use one that doesn’t cause you any allergies or skin issues as you will be wearing it next to your skin when your next fight.

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Give Them a Regular Deep Clean

Rinsing and drying your wraps in the way described will be fine for a short time but after around four uses like this, you will need to give your wraps a proper deep clean using your washing machine, to make sure you are getting rid of any bacteria from the sweat. 

But you don’t just want to throw your wraps into the washing machine at the same time as you do your delicates or other clothing.

There are a few dos and don’ts to putting your boxing wraps in the washing machine to make sure they don’t get ruined, or ruin other garments.


How To Wash Boxing Wraps

Close the Velcro Fastening

Velcro will catch onto any other item of clothing and ruin it in the washing cycle so before you put your boxing wraps in the washing machine, make sure you close the Velcro strap by fastening it to itself. That way you won’t ruin the Velcro or other clothing.

Use a Pillowcase

If you put your boxing wraps straight into the washing machine, they will become a completely tangled nightmare, tied up with other garments and probably stretched and ruined. So never put them directly into the washing machine, put them inside a pillowcase first, to keep them separate and untangled.

Use the Right Detergent

If you are washing your wraps along with all your other sports clothing, then you should go for a detergent that has been designed for sports clothing like Vale Tudo shorts, which will get out all of the sweat and odors effectively and won’t cause any irritation to your skin.

Use a Cold Wash Cycle

How To Wash Boxing Wraps

Hang Them Out to Dry

Again, once you have put your boxing wraps through a washing machine cycle, don’t be tempted to then throw them into the tumble dryer. They need to be hung up somewhere that is well ventilated so they can dry thoroughly before your next session. 

Remember that in the winter it might take a lot longer to dry your boxing wraps simply by hanging them out, so be prepared by making sure you have several sets of boxing wraps available. While one is drying, one is in the wash, and one is being used, that way you will never find yourself without wraps to wear. 


Your boxing wraps are your hands’ first line of defense and are subject to lots of sweat and odors while you are wearing them so it’s important to look after them by washing them properly and keeping them clean and hygienic. 

Heat can damage boxing wraps so always avoid the tumble dryer and always rinse them out as soon as you are able to after your training session or fight, as otherwise the lingering sweat and odors will become embedded in them for good and you don’t want to become known as the smelly one at the gym now do you?

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