How to Ski

If you’re a novice in the world of skiing and are keen on learning, there are certain factors you need to bear in mind. Developing great skill in skiing calls for patience and consistent practice, it’s not something you can master in a mere day.

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There are a number of things that people heading out to the slopes for the first time get wrong though, so here are some key tips to take on board when you are starting out and learning how to ski:

Don’t Forget to Bend Your Knees

How to Ski

When people start out skiing, the squatting position can feel uncomfortable and not natural at first, but you need to remember that if you try to ski with straight legs you will lose your control and your balance. So don’t forget to bend your knees while skiing.

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Take Skiing Lessons

Skiing is a complicated sport with a lot of potential danger and injury involved if you get it wrong, so if you really want to learn how to ski there is no better way than with professional skiing lessons. It’s a much better way to learn than just copying friends. 

A professional instructor can give you advice and guidance on how to improve, what to do to improve your technique and areas where you might be going wrong. You will also be able to learn from them in a safe environment.

Be Patient and Celebrate the Wins

How to Ski

It takes time and practice to learn how to ski, so be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, you learn by making mistakes and there is no point comparing yourself with the experts you see on the slopes. 

Be patient, learn at your own pace and celebrate when you do achieve something and when things do go right for you. It’s important to recognize the progress you are making and not to expect too much or you will just get frustrated and won’t enjoy the experience.

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Get the Right Gear

While you don’t need to invest in the most expensive gear from day one if you want to learn how to ski you do need to have appropriate clothing and equipment from the off. Whether you rent or buy is up to you but you need to make sure your boots fit perfectly

You also need the right clothing to keep you warm and protected as you can expect to be falling into the snow a lot while learning. You need the right protective pants and gloves, as well as specialist snow goggles.

Don’t Learn with Family

Even if someone in your family is a ski instructor, don’t try to learn from them as there is too much emotional involvement and they may not have the right level of patience for you as a result. The last thing you want on the slopes is to be having some kind of family argument and drama. 

Don’t Worry About Falling

As a beginner, you should expect that you are going to fall over a lot and it’s important not to be worried about this, otherwise you will become too tense and anxious to relax and enjoy the process. With the right protective clothing, falling shouldn’t hurt too much so just try not to twist as you fall. 

Choose the Right Place

How to Ski

When learning how to ski you need to start out on the right kind of terrain to enable you to learn safely and build up your skills. Don’t try to tackle big slopes and jumps on day one or you will fail and probably end up injured. 

Choose a flat area where you can apply and learn your techniques safely and carefully, without hindering others and without risk of injury to yourself either. Your instructor should know the perfect places to take you. 

Look Straight Ahead

Having skis on is strange when you are not used to it but don’t be tempted to keep looking down at your feet all the time. It’s important to look ahead, as you would if you were walking anywhere, as you don’t want to bump into anything. 

How to Ski

Learn to Balance

When you ski it does shift your body into some unnatural positions so make sure you learn to balance well on your skis without leaning too far back or too far forward. It can take some time to get used to it but a good balance will make everything else much easier. 

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