How to Regrip Golf Clubs

You can significantly cut down on repair and replacement costs if you learn how to re-grip your golf clubs yourself. The encouraging aspect is that once you understand the procedure, it’s not excessively challenging. With the right tools, the job of re-gripping your golf clubs can be quite simple.

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Why Do I Need to Regrip My Golf Clubs?

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

No matter how well you look after your clubs and how well you clean them, eventually, the grips will wear down due to use and that will start to impact how you play. They will become harder to grip, particularly if you are playing in wet weather, and that’s when they need replacing or regripping. 

The thought of having to pay to have all your grips replaced in one go can be very daunting, not to mention unaffordable, so if you can do it yourself you will be able to get some more life out of your clubs as well as save yourself a small fortune.

What Do I Need to Change My Own Golf Club Grips?

Changing your own golf club grips is an easy thing to do when you know how to and you don’t need lots of equipment, just a few key tools and pieces of kit and you will be set. The first thing you will need to buy from a golf shop is a set of new grips, and then you will need: 

  • Strong tape that is double-sided
  • A bottle of white spirit
  • A sharp knife 
  • Clean cloths
  • A bowl
  • A vice 

Once you have all of the things you need you can start the process of regripping all your own clubs so here is the process that you need to follow to get your full set of clubs all looking and feeling as good as new:

Step One – Taking Off the Existing Grips

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

The first thing you need to do is take the old grips off your clubs and this might be easy, but it might take a bit of a fight, depending on how long they have been on the clubs. The best approach is to secure the club in the vice, with protection to stop it from being damaged by the vice edges. 

Use your knife to cut through the old grips and they might just peel off. If they are tough and your golf clubs have steel shafts, you can work the knife away from you and be quite harsh in how you work to remove the layers. 

If your clubs have graphite shafts you will need to be more careful with your knife as you risk damaging them otherwise. Sometimes making a cut at the narrow end will help you to peel the grip straight off. 

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But be prepared that removing the old grip and all the tape underneath it might well be a long and painstaking process, but just think of all the money you are saving and how much better your game will be after you have finished. 

Once you have removed the worn-out grips, finish off by cleaning the shaft with white spirit on a clean cloth, to get rid of any remaining sticky patches from the tape and to give you a clean and clear surface for the new grips.

Step Two – Prepare the Way for the New Grips

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Take your tape and start at the butt end of the grip area and wrap it around, working down, without overlapping the tape as it gets narrower. Leave some extra tape at the top and don’t peel the backing off just yet. 

Take the extra tape you have left, and wrap it around the very top, so that it’s now covered in tape. It should be covering the end of your club as this will make it easier to put the new grip on once you are ready. 

When you are finished, you can take the backing off the double-sided tape and you are ready for the next stage of fitting those new grips onto your clubs. 

Step Three – Fitting the New Grips

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Put your club in the vice and make sure the head of the club is pointing upwards. Make sure your club is protected and not damaged by the vice grip at all times. Take the new grip you are going to use, and covering the holes, pour some white spirit inside it. 

You need to swirl the white spirit around inside the grip so that it covers all of the insides of the new grip otherwise this process won’t work. 

Put a bowl on the floor under your club and then pour the white spirit from the grip, all over the double-sided tape, catching it in the bowl as it drips underneath. 

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You now have a small window in which to put the new grip onto your club and get it into the right place before it sticks. Slide the grip on as quickly as possible and line it up into the right position. You will need to take your club out of the vice and try it, to make sure the grip is in the right place. 

You should be able to make small tweaks to the position but not for long, as it will set quickly and then you have achieved your task. Your first club will have been successfully regripped and you can stop to admire your handiwork. 

However, don’t forget that you still have another 13 more clubs to do the same process with. It’s not something you will get done quickly as removing the grips can take time and energy to set aside a rainy weekend to do them gradually and you will soon reap the rewards. 

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Then, when you are ready to head out to the green again you can do so, proud of the knowledge that you successfully regripped all of your clubs yourself, and you can spend all the money you saved on something else, maybe a new driver you’ve had your eye on, or drinks at the club afterward.

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