How to Get Strong Fast

Beginning a fresh strength-training regimen might prove demanding due to inadequate strength, which might cause possible cessation. However, promptly improving your strength abilities to better manage the exercises will significantly change your workout experience.

Getting stronger is great for your health and can also help to prevent muscle injury. As we get older, strength is even more important to help keep our independence and to stay well and healthy into old age. 

Once you have increased your strength, you won’t need to work out quite so hard to maintain it, as you did to build it in the first place, so once your muscles have been developed, it’s a lot easier to then keep them in good shape.

How to Get Strong Fast

The best way to train if you want to get stronger is to make sure your workouts include compound moves – these are moves that work several joints and muscles at a time, for example, squats and push-ups. 

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You also need to make sure you include exercises that require pushing and pulling motions as this helps to stretch and strengthen all the vital groups of muscles. Pushing exercises include push-ups, squats, and bench presses while pulling exercises include pull-ups and rowing. 

The other important factor if you want to build strength is to allow your body enough rest and recovery time between sets. You should be giving yourself between two- and five-minutes resting time between each set.

So, what are the best exercises to do if you want to get strong quickly?

The Squat

How to Get Strong Fast

This is a great strength exercise as it uses pretty much every muscle in both your legs and your core. You need to practice getting the form right and once you have, you can try adding in weights to make it even more effective.

The Deadlift

How to Get Strong Fast

This move is the perfect way to exercise your hamstrings and your glute muscles but it’s really important to make sure you are comfortable and using proper form, to avoid suffering a back injury. Try practicing first to get the form right, and then start with lighter weights initially. 

It’s really important that you lift the weight using your leg strength and not from your back, otherwise, you could end up causing yourself an injury. Practice in front of the mirror so you can check your posture and stance.

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The Glute Bridge

How to Get Strong Fast

The glute bridge works really well for your glutes, as the name suggests, but it can also help you to improve the power in your legs and strengthen your core at the same time. Using dumbbells for this exercise will only add to the strengthening effect.

The Push-Up

How to Get Strong Fast

Doing a push-up means you are strong enough to move your own body weight so it might be too challenging to be able to lift up from the floor when you first start out. If you can’t manage that, try raising your hands a bit higher, by using a box or step, as this will make it easier. As you grow in strength you will find it easier to do push-ups and to do more and more of them.

The Rowing Machine

How to Get Strong Fast

Using a rowing machine will exercise all of your muscles using the push and pull actions talked about earlier and can help to burn calories and increase your cardio, while you are still working on your strength development.

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The Banana Hold

How to Get Strong Fast

The banana hold, or the hollow body as it’s sometimes known, is a great one for core strength and body tension. If it’s too difficult to do the complete exercise straightway you can make it easier by bending your knees up, or by putting your arms out ahead of you.

The Leg Moves

How to Get Strong Fast

Any exercises which work on a single leg at a time are great for strength as they help to improve balance, support the strength of the core, and also give your legs a good workout at the same time too. 

Exercises such as a leg deadlift, or a lunge, or a step-up are all great single-leg exercises that can add up to help you to get stronger, more quickly, and effectively. 

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Get Help From a Personal Fitness Trainer

How to Get Strong Fast

If you really want to get stronger quickly then one of the best courses of action you could try is employing the services of a fitness trainer to help you. They can assess your existing fitness and strength levels and develop a whole program for you to support and achieve your goals.

Don’t Forget Your Nutrition

How to Get Strong Fast

If you are aiming to build muscle mass to get stronger, and presumably burn fat at the same time, you will need to assess your diet and nutrition as your body is only as strong as what you put into it. If your diet is missing any key nutrients you might not have the energy to keep up with your own strength training.

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Manage Your Expectations

When starting out on a new program it can be easy to expect instant dramatic results and then become very demotivated when that doesn’t appear. You need to remember that it takes time to get stronger and build up those muscles, so you need to be consistent, keep going, don’t give up, and be patient. 

If you want to get stronger quickly there are quite a number of things to consider, and your own health and wellbeing have to come first. Don’t try to rush in and use weights that are too heavy as you will only end up injuring yourself. 

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Taking things slowly and steadily and building up your strength gradually, in line with your body’s ability to cope, is the key to creating sustained change and to seeing lasting improved health and fitness levels and a wonderfully sculpted new body.

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