Home Workouts for Women

Don’t worry if you’re hesitant to spend a lot of money on a gym membership, but still have a goal to be fit. There are many exercises suitable for women to do at home that can aid in getting you in shape.

If those old fitness DVDs are gathering dust in the back of a cupboard and you are looking for some inspiration to get back into shape at home, without lots of equipment, then try out these moves. You will need a set of dumbbells, and if you want to up your game further, you can try using resistance bands.

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Shoulder Tap Push-Up

Lower yourself into a push-up position on the floor but have your arms straight. Take your left hand off the floor and touch it onto your right shoulder. Put that hand back down and repeat with your right hand touching your left side.

Home Workouts for Women

Squat Jumps

Stand with your feet apart and lower yourself down into a squat position. Then jump up, with your legs out to the sides, and back in again, before returning to the standing position. Repeat.

Home Workouts for Women

Dumbbell Plank

Get into a push-up position but hold two small dumbbells in your hands, so your hands are resting on them. Bend your left arm and lift the dumbbell to your chest and then lower it. Do the same with the right arm.

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Home Workouts for Women

Dumbbell Squat

Start off standing up with your dumbbells in both hands, held at shoulder level. Move down into a squat position and as you stand up raise the dumbbells straight above your head, before lowering them again.

Home Workouts for Women

The Deadlift

Take your dumbbells in each hand and hold them at thigh level while standing up. Bend at the hips and lower your body until you are in line with the floor. Then pull both dumbbells up to your chest, before lowering them down again and returning to stand. Repeat.

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Home Workouts for Women

Dumbbell Lunge

Take one dumbbell and hold it out in front of your body with both hands. Step one leg back into a lunge position and raise the dumbbell up at the same time. Lower the dumbbells bring your leg forward and then do it again on the other leg.

Home Workouts for Women

The Climb

Get yourself into the starting position for push-ups and then bring your knee up towards your chest. Return it back again and bring the other knee up instead. Return this knee and then repeat the movement.

Home Workouts for Women

The Dumbbell Swing

With a dumbbell in each hand, hold them slightly behind your body. Move your hips forward to swing the dumbbells forward and up to shoulder level. Bring them back down and repeat the movement again.

Home Workouts for Women

Exercising at Home

With all of these exercises, over time you will soon see a difference in your fitness levels and appearance and as you get fitter and stronger you can increase the number of reps you do for each one, as well as move up to the next set of dumbbells.

There are many ways to give yourself a great workout at home. Many gyms do now offer online workouts where you can follow along with classes from the comfort of your home if you can’t make it for any reason.

Other exercises including walking, jogging, and running can all be undertaken at home, or near your home, if you don’t like going to the gym but still want to keep up your fitness and strength.

And if you do prefer to use a piece of equipment there are plenty of small foldable exercise bikes or rowing machines that you can purchase and have at home if you prefer to exercise in that way as well.

Don’t forget that the more active you are generally, the more calories you will burn, doing activities around the home including housework and gardening are also great ways to help keep the weight off and give your body a workout.

If you have a mat at home and space you can also try doing yoga or Pilates, by following many of the online classes that are available, for a more gentle way of exercising your body safely at home.


There are many ways to work out at home, to get yourself fit and healthy, or lose weight but if you are unsure about starting a new routine then you should always speak to your doctor for advice before you begin.

As long as you have a mat to work out on and space, you can do many exercises safely at home, without the need for expensive gym gear or equipment, and without having to endure sweaty changing rooms or busy loud workout rooms.

Working out from home can be a lot more comfortable, particularly if you are just starting out and don’t feel confident about your fitness levels or your abilities, and would feel self-conscious working out in front of other people.

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