Home Gym Ideas

Indeed, it’s accurate to say that not everyone cherishes the gym. The struggle of rousing oneself early before work or forcing oneself to exercise after a grueling day doesn’t appeal to everyone – this has sparked the rising trend of setting up home-based gyms.

With no costly membership fees, no other sweaty people around to compete with, no waiting for the equipment to become free, and being able to go in at any time of day and night for a workout all make the home gym incredibly attractive. 

As long as you know your workout and you know how to use all the equipment safely, having a home gym setup could be the perfect solution. It saves all the travel time and means you can get changed and showered in the privacy of your own bathroom. 

So, what kind of gym equipment should you be looking at if you are going to start exercising at home and what kind of space are you going to need in order to make it work? It’s important to plan out your gym properly for it to be a success. 

Don’t just run to the nearest sports shop to buy a mat and some weights, you need to think about what kind of exercise you need to do, how much space you need, and then what equipment is going to be both practical and useful for you to invest in at home.

Home Gym Ideas for Small Spaces

Home Gym Ideas

If you don’t have much room then you need to be practical about what you can and can’t fit in your gym. You don’t want to have to be moving your sofa or TV out of the way every time you work out as you will soon get fed up. 

If your space is small indoors can you incorporate any outdoor space as part of your exercise routine, perhaps by including walking, or running, or using park space to do yoga or jump rope routines, for example. 

Indoors you can try sticking to simple routines that include exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups so all you need is a mat that can be rolled up and put away afterward, so won’t take up too much space. You can also use things like doorway pull-up bars, or folding gym equipment that can be stored in a cupboard afterward. 

Other smaller equipment which you can get for your home gym, to help add variety to your workouts at home, without taking up too much space, include resistance bands, which you can use for stretching and for strength. 

Also, a small set of dumbbells or kettlebells is a good addition to a small home gym, and you can buy stands to keep them stacked up and out of the way, so they don’t take up too much space. With a yoga mat, resistance bands, and a set of weights you have the basics you need without taking up your whole living room. 

Home Gym Ideas on a Budget

Home Gym Ideas

It might be that you have the space to build up your gym at home, including large pieces of gym equipment, but you don’t have vast amounts of spare cash to spend on it. But the good news is that it’s entirely possible to create a home gym setup on a budget. 

You don’t need to go to expensive sports stores for items like yoga mats and basic weights. These can be found in many general and household stores at much cheaper prices, so look out for bargains when it comes to buying the basic equipment. 

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If you do want to buy bigger items such as an exercise bike or a treadmill, then try looking at online auction sites and second-hand sites as people often have these sorts of items for sale at a fraction of the cost of a new version.

If you really are stretched for money, then you could just invest in some exercise DVDs and a mat and get fitter by following workout routines initially as you don’t necessarily need lots of equipment to get yourself fit. 

Don’t be tempted by the gimmicky exercise machines you see advertised everywhere which make huge promises and cost the earth. Save your money and invest in classic, proven gym equipment or you will end up disappointed.

What Else Do I Need for My Home Gym?

Once you have all your equipment you need to make sure you have dedicated space to work out in, that doesn’t involve putting it all away again somewhere hidden. You want your gym equipment to be always easily accessible ideally. 

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As well as your equipment you need to think about things like towels, drinking bottles, and maybe music or a TV so that you can workout while watching music videos or watch your workout videos easily in your home gym. 

You might want to think about installing a mirror in your home gym as it’s easy to spot errors in your posture when you are exercising if you can see yourself in a full-length mirror all the time. It’s a great way to prevent injury. 

You could also consider investing in some fitness gadgets so you can monitor and track your progress, your heart rate, oxygen levels, and number of steps so that you know just how hard you have been working out. 

If you are trying to lose weight, then invest in some weighing scales and a tape measure, and a chart so you can track and review your progress over time for motivation. Your home gym doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but it needs to work for your goals. 

Whether you have a whole garage full of expensive equipment, or a corner of a room with a yoga mat and kettlebells, working out at home will always bring you health and fitness benefits as long as you keep it up and work out regularly.

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