Forearm Workouts

Isn’t it surprising that not just your core, legs and arms, but even your forearms need exercise and improvement? Given that your hands are the ones lifting the barbell, dumbbells, and other weights during your workout, it’s crucial to keep your forearms robust and well-conditioned.

Strengthening your forearms is essential to help you with functional activities. You may find it simple or trivial, but it is still awesome if opening stubborn jar lids or turning the tools will be effortless for you.

The forearms are responsible for holding the muscles that will allow you to move your hands and wrists in four ways, having strong forearms will be beneficial to performing exercises that require you to have a strong grip.

Doing lifting exercises as part of your regular workout not only builds your primary targeted muscles but also improves the movement and power of your forearms. But, if you want to focus on this muscle group, there are specific and best forearm workouts you can add to your regimen.

First, Warm-Up

Loosen up your muscles by mobilizing your wrist and elbows before performing any forearm exercises. It’s important to do this first to avoid injury. There are equipment you can use for this stretch mobility warm-up.

Barbell Bar

Forearm Workouts

Position the bar at about your chest height and roll your forearm along the bar as you rotate it with your other hand. Make sure there is a force as you roll your forearm across. Do this for 90 seconds for each forearm.

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Smash Ball with Massage Ball

Forearm Workouts

Lay one of your forearms on a bench with the massage ball under your forearm and the smash ball on top. Use your free hand to hold the smash ball to provide pressure downwards. Make forward and backward movements with your forearm with your wrist extended and palms facing front.

For warming up the wrist and hands, put your hand down unto the massage ball and roll it using your hand with your other hand over to add a little pressure.

Resistance Band

Forearm Workouts

Wrap the band on a stable bar grounded on the floor. Insert one of your wrists on the other end and pull the band to create resistance. Make sure that your hand is down on the ground and positioned straight to the elbows. You can also do the resistance with your elbows facing the other end of the band.

Forearm Workouts for Beginners

If you’re just about to embark on the journey of making your forearms strong to reinforce you in your workouts, here are the exercises you can do:

Seated Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl

Forearm Workouts

As a starting position, sit at the end of a bench. Using an overhand grip, grab a barbell or an EZ bar at shoulder-width apart. Place your forearms over your thighs, positioning your wrists a little over the edge of your knees, wrist bent letting the barbell slump. Lift the weights by moving only your wrist upwards. Pause for a bit before putting the weights down again. Do 12 reps for a set.

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Seated Barbell Wrist Curl

Forearm Workouts

Find a bench to sit on and position your forearms on top of your thighs, palms facing upward. Grip the barbell bar or the EZ bar and curl it towards the direction of your body by moving only your wrist. When the flexors or your forearms are their limited reach, lower the bar again slowly back to the starting position.

Use Your Body Weight

You move and use your body as you perform different exercises, so why not use your own substantial bodyweight to develop your forearm strength? The following forearm exercises do not require weights other than your body.

Sphinx Push-Ups

Forearm Workouts

Instead of the usual push-up position, use your forearm to plank into the starting position. Push up with your hands down to lift your forearms until you achieve straight arms. Lower yourself and your forearms slowly and steadily. Do 2 to 3 reps.

Wall Push

Forearm Workouts

This one is a bit easy and fun because it is as if you’re playing a superhero pushing a boulder out of harm’s way. To start, stand in front of a robust wall with your arms straight forward, palms holding the wall surface. With all the force you have, push against the wall, bending one knee forward, and the other foot straight back for added momentum.

Pull-Up Bar Hang

Forearm Workouts

For this workout, you are required to use a pull-up bar to lift your body weight. Position your hands about shoulder-width apart, palms facing forward grip the pull-up bar. You don’t need to lift yourself up but you have to hold your position for 30 seconds. Make sure that your arms are straight and ankles crossed behind. Let go for a few seconds then repeat 2 to 3 times.

Build Strength, Develop Muscles

By developing muscles and establishing your strength on your forearms, you would be able to attain the best grip strength for your functional activities, workouts, and training. These exercises are designed to help you improve grip strength and enhance your muscles.

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Farmer Walks

Forearm Workouts

To start, hold a pair of dumbbells with your hands facing in while standing with feet hip-width apart. Keep your posture straight and your core braced, then walk in a straight line just like a proud farmer does in his field. Keep your shoulders engaged. Rest before repeating.

Forearm Pull

This workout requires a pulley machine. With your palms faced down, grab the weight bar of the machine at shoulder level. Keep your arms straight as you pull down the weight. Pause for a bit before going back to your initial position.

Towel Cable Row

This exercise requires a cable pulley machine and a towel. Stand in front of the cable pulley equipment and attach the towel to the handle. Hold the end of the towel using each hand. Establish an ample distance between you and the machine. Perform a rowing movement to bring the towel to your chest, and draw your shoulder blades together.


Forearms should not be taken for granted when getting yourself into fitness. Our hands, arms, and elbows are essential parts of our exercise routine and must be properly tended to. Getting enough muscles and strength on your forearms will not only support your workouts but also your daily activities that require a strong grip. Forearm workouts should be included in your workout routine.

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