Exercise for Obese Beginners at Home

Starting a workout routine can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re overweight and out of shape. The confusion of where to start, coupled with the anxiety of not being able to stick to the plan, can discourage you from even trying to begin.

But there are plenty of easy exercises for overweight beginners to do easily and at home, so no expensive gym memberships are required, making it easy to get started on a journey to weight loss and improved fitness.

By taking small steps in the comfort of your own home, you can build up the stamina levels and confidence for when you are ready to take it to the next level and perhaps join a class or a gym on a regular basis.

Here are seven easy exercises which you can try at home, to get you moving:


Walking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do and it’s cheap and easy. If you are overweight you can build up the distance and speed you walk over time and it won’t take long for you to notice a difference in your stamina levels.

While walking around the block might be hard going to start with, within a couple of weeks you will feel it becoming easier as your body adjusts. You don’t need to run or jog as walking is just as good cardio exercise and a lot gentler on the knees and joints.


Standing push-ups

While push-ups can seem too difficult when you are struggling with your weight they can be modified to make them easier but still effective as part of a simple at-home exercise routine.

Try standing up and pushing your hands against a wall, rather than on the floor, it will still work out your upper body without the strain. They also help to improve core strength so will soon help to improve your shape.

Use an exercise bike

If you have an exercise bike at home this is another great way to help improve your fitness and raise your heart rate. You can start off just doing a few minutes a day and build up your speed and time gradually, in a way that feels comfortable.

If you combine the bike with regular walking you will start to feel the difference very soon. Riding a bike can burn calories once you are comfortable enough to go at a moderate speed for 30 minutes regularly.

Exercise Bikes

Leg lifts

Doing side leg lifts is really good for the lower part of the body and can help to reduce the strain and pain experienced in the hips and knees from being overweight, by increasing your muscle strength and effectiveness.

All you need to do is lie on your side, preferably on a yoga mat for comfort, put one hand on the floor for balance and place the other one behind your head. Lift up your leg as high as you can and bring it back down slowly, and repeat this. Then swap sides and repeat with your other leg.

Core strengtheners

If your back is strong and you can manage it, you could try core strengthening exercises which will help to build up the muscles in your lower back, core, and glutes. You need to lie on your back on the floor for this one.

Bend your knees and raise your hips up off the floor and then bring them back down again slowly. This done regularly helps to fight knee and back pain and is a fairly gentle exercise for overweight beginners.

Weighted knee lifts

If you have a small set of dumbbells this exercise works really well for your core and for building strength in your knees which can be a source of pain for people who are overweight, so this is a perfect exercise.

Hold the weights up above your head, and as you bring them down in front of you, lift one knee up to meet your hands. Then lower the knee and raise the weights back up. Repeat this on the other knee.

Gentle squats

These exercises are great for leg muscles but also for overall strength and fitness and they can help to burn calories as well. While regular squats might be difficult initially, you can make them easier by lowering yourself into a chair and up again, rather than down towards the ground.


Starting a new exercise routine when you are overweight can be daunting but if you are not ready to go to the gym, doing these seven routines at home can really make a big difference and help to improve your overall fitness, strength, and stamina. You can start off gently in line with your ability and build up gradually.

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