CrossFit vs the Gym

It seems like everyone is talking about CrossFit these days. But, what is it really? Is it worth the hype? CrossFit is a fitness program created by Greg Glassman. It combines gymnastics, running, weightlifting, and similar sports. CrossFit uses functional movements and focuses on high intensity. Moves are sort of complex, so make sure you …

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How To Get Into CrossFit

CrossFit has somewhat of a mixed reputation in the fitness world. Some are impressed by it, while others think of it more as an unnecessary hype. If you listen to any of those people, you will probably hear many reasons why you should, or shouldn’t start doing it. If you’ve decided to give it a …

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The Benefits of CrossFit

CrossFit has become one of the most popular workout programs in the United States. Though it is often perceived as a grueling and challenging workout, CrossFit has many benefits to improve your overall health and wellness. CrossFit can help you lose weight, build muscle, and increase your overall fitness level. CrossFit also provides a sense …

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