Best Snorkeling Wetsuits

Wetsuits are one of the staple gears in water sports. Exposure to sea temperatures can damage your skin. That’s why an appropriate wetsuit is used to protect your body. Anything in the seawater can be a potential hazard to anyone in the water; a wetsuit can also serve as an added layer of protection.

Typical snorkeling does not require wetsuits. Tourists with a spontaneous snorkeling plan may do so with a swimsuit or whatever clothes they are in. However, wearing wetsuits in any activities in the sea is the best choice minimizing the risk of getting injured by sharp corals. It can also minimize the effect of jellyfish stings.

Here are the best wetsuits for snorkeling and other seawater activities.

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Best for Cold Water
NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene Full Suit

Seawater temperature may vary depending on the location; the wind brushing through a wet suit can also contribute to your shivering. One of the best things about the Neosport wetsuit is its design to keep you warm in cold sea temperatures.

This full-length wetsuit made from neoprene and elastic nylon fabric, with 2mm thickness, covers your whole body with a snug fit yet soft and comfortable feel.

Aside from snorkeling, this wetsuit is suitable for other water sports such as kiteboarding, wakeboarding, canoeing, and more. The suit is strengthened with spot tape on stress points for durability while being reinforced with flatlock seams to ensure maximum comfort and a smooth surface of the interior and exterior of the wetsuit.

The openings of the arm. The waist and neck of this wetsuit are trimmed using lycra to provide extra comfort.

Snorkeling activities entail looking at beautiful corals under the sea, but the sharp edges of the corals and rocks may cause injury if not careful. Good thing the Neosport full wetsuit is built with abrasion-resistant thermally-bonded knee pads.

Other suite features include an adjustable collar for a comfortable neck fit and an internal key pocket to keep your valuable keys with you while enjoying snorkeling.

  • Best to keep you warm
  • Comfortable
  • Great quality for the affordable price
  • Ideal for various water sports and activities such as snorkeling
  • Tricky sizing
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Best Protection
ZCCO Ultra Stretch 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit

The ZCCO Ultra Stretch is one of the top-selling wetsuits on Amazon at number 14 ranking. This full-length wetsuit is made of neoprene material with 3 mm thickness, ensuring flexibility, reduced water penetration, and comfortable warmth.

These men’s and women’s wetsuits are made with strong overlapped seams that offer the best durability to the suit. A Waterstop seal is strategically placed on the inner part of the suit at the arm, collar, and legs to snug fit on the skin to prevent too much water from getting through.

But when it does, the wetsuit makes sure that you are warmer the longer you’ll be in the water – a great feature for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities.

The materials used for these wetsuits are made of 90% rubber and 10% nylon with four small zippers at the arms and legs for ease of access when wearing and taking them off. Designed with anti-abrasion nylon knee pads, these snorkeling wetsuits will provide you with confidence and worry-free protection while enjoying your water activities.

It is absolutely necessary that you choose and get the correct size and fit of this wetsuit to make sure that you maximize its features. The ZCCO full wetsuit is designed to fit very tightly to provide you with the heat you need and to effectively reduce the water into the wetsuit while allowing you to be comfortable.

  • For various water activity use
  • Easy to wear
  • Provide the warmth that you need in cold water
  • Great flexibility feature
  • Women's large sizing is limited
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REALON Women's Wetsuit

The Realon Water Sports Goods has been designing and manufacturing various water sports apparel such as rash guards, and wetsuits for any age group. The wetsuits they produce are made of premium neoprene material.

This particular wetsuit for women and girls is designed with 2mm in thickness neoprene fabric to ensure warmth while submerged in cold water.

The fabric is stretchy and comfortable to wear for long periods of time while enjoying your water sports activity such as snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and more. The wetsuit’s overall flatlock stitching offers durable seams to give you comfort and athletic fitting.

It also features a heavy-duty 10V YKK brand back zip with a long leash and anti-abrasive knee pads for additional protection while diving and swimming to provide you overall confidence that this full-length wetsuit is reliable to wear.

  • Versatile use
  • Provide comfortable warmth
  • Reasonable price
  • Sizing tends to be off for some body-form
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NATYFLY Men's Wetsuit

If you need a wetsuit for snorkeling that is affordable yet of the best quality, the NATFLY offers a great value, an ergonomically designed wetsuit with 3 mm thickness that can withstand 55℉ to 64℉ of water temperature.

The high-elastic neoprene fabric material of the full wetsuit with a reinforced nylon fabric line allows you to move comfortably. While its shark skin imitation material made for the chest will give you a second-skin feel. The durable and stylish knee pads give you protection from abrasion. The visual design on the knee pads is printed using a special glue ink.

The closure component of this wetsuit is a combination of zipper and Velcro. The velcro collar can be adjusted according to your desired fit to ensure you are comfortable in the neck area. The back zipper has an attached long leash, allowing you to easily reach it when zipping up or down.

This wetsuit will not limit you to one water sports activity. It is best to be used for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, kiteboarding, and such, in whatever water temperatures you are in but most especially in colder water.

Whether in the water or out, this wetsuit will provide the protection you need from the sun because of its UPF 50+ and the stings and scratches from sea organisms.

  • Great value
  • The versatility of use other than snorkeling
  • High-quality
  • The armpit area may cause chaffing if the size is worn is inaccurate
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Seaskin Men's 3mm Shorty Wetsuit

Shorty wetsuits are mostly used when swimming in warm water temperatures. The shorty wet suit from Seaskin may not have the full arms and legs coverage it still provides the insulation your body needs, thanks to its neoprene material with 3 mm thickness.

The outer layer of the suit is made of elastic and durable nylon fabric, while the inner middle part is made of the neoprene component, which provides water-proofing, high scalability, and heat insulation. And for the most inner part, a soft close skin heating material offers comfort and warmth.

The closure type is supported by the durable YKK brand zipper and protected with Lycra for reliable exit and entry with flatlock stitching seams to keep the neoprene panels intact to effectively provide you comfort and warmth while and after snorkeling or swimming.

The suit requires hand washing in cold water using mild detergent, and bleach should be avoided. It should be flat to dry and not be ironed.

  • Made with 3 layers of fabric for warmth
  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality wetsuit
  • Ease of wearing and taking it off
  • Sizing is inaccurate
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Seaskin Kids Wetsuit for Boys Girls

Snorkeling is not as complicated as the other sea waters activity such as scuba diving, surfing, and kiteboarding which require lots of learning and gear. It’s one of the activities that kids can enjoy with fewer demands.

If you need a wetsuit to protect your kids from the harsh environment of the sea waters and the shore, the Seaskin wet suit will cover your kids.

One of the nice features of a wetsuit that you can really take advantage of when it comes to the kids is its increased buoyancy. It will help your young float better when swimming. This suit is made of 2mm in thickness neoprene material that is stretchy and lightweight.

The combined nylon fabric on the suit's outer layer locks in the heat to protect your young ones from low water temperatures. The suit can also provide your kids added layer of protection from sunburn, bites, and irritants of the waters.

The Seaskin wet suit offers well-made wetsuits for comfort and function. This kid’s wet suit is built and designed the same as the adult-sized wetsuit. It is stitched with flatlock seams and nylon trim.

The strong four-way seams enable freedom of movement to minimize skin irritation caused by chafing, while the seamless crotch makes it comfortable to wear. The zipper-type closure is located at the front of the wetsuit, allowing your kids to easily wear and remove the suit.

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  • Great to keep warm in cold water temperatures
  • Better than rash guard in protecting your kids
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Tricky sizing
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How to Choose the Best Snorkeling Wetsuit

Wetsuit brands always consider these important things about wetsuits – warmth and comfort. Being outdoors under the sun and into the waters is a great idea and source of fun, but skin irritation and discomfort may ruin it if you don’t have the right apparel to protect you.

If you plan a snorkeling trip with other water activities on the side, getting the right gear and equipment for improved protection is a worthy investment if you want to enjoy your trip until the last day. The best wetsuits should be able to be functional for your snorkeling activity as well as protective. So, here are the things you should consider in getting a wetsuit for snorkeling.

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Type of Wetsuit

Full wetsuits provide full-body protection from cold sea temperatures, scorching heat from the sun, and unwanted skin contact with sea creatures. The sleeves will cover the whole arm and full legs. Scuba divers are usually the ones who wear this type of wetsuit because they tend to go deeper.

However, this type is not limited to scuba wetsuits. Full wetsuits can also be used for snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports activities if you want your whole body covered.

Shorty wetsuits don’t have the full coverage of arms and legs, but it is still functional for protection from different types of water temperature and will function better than a rash guard to keep the cold out of the body. However, shorty wetsuits are most suitable and mostly used in warm water.

Another advantage of this type of suit is that it’s easier to wear and take off. It’s lighter to pack with the same function as the full-body suit of being protective from temperatures and provides additional buoyancy.

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The thickness of the wetsuits should correspond to the temperature of the waters and the surroundings you will be in. A rash guard and wetsuit with 1 mm thickness can only give you warmth above 81℉. Wetsuits with 3mm thickness can cover you from 67 to 77℉.

5mm full wet suit thickness can withstand 54 to 69℉; lastly, 7mm full suit thickness can cover 54℉ and below. A wet suit with the appropriate thickness can keep you warm in snorkeling and scuba diving in colder water.


Wet suits are made to be tighter than an ordinary rash guard. But as you submerge yourself into the water, some suits tend to give a more comfortable loose feel for the freedom of movement. The suit primarily reduces water from rushing into your skin to avoid the cold. That’s why it is designed to fit people properly for it to serve its purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear under a wetsuit for snorkeling?

Because the wetsuit has a protective fabric for cold, anything you wear that makes you comfortable is okay. Men usually wear board shorts or speedos while women wear swimsuits. You can also use a rash guard if it fits well with your wet suit.

How cold of water can you swim in with a wetsuit?

50 to 78 degrees is the ideal temperature range for water when using a wetsuit.

Are wetsuits waterproof?

A wetsuit can only protect the body from the effects of water, especially cold ones but it is not designed as waterproof. It can only give the user warmth to withstand cold water temperatures for long periods.

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