Best Snorkeling Fins

Built with durable and versatile materials, the best snorkeling fins offer reliability in diving. Currently, they are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials. They are simple and practical, thus providing more incentive for snorkeling enthusiasts to continue with their passion due to their added support. The snorkeling fins highlighted below are the most sought-after in the current market.

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Best Overall
Best for Comfort
Best for Durability
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)
Best for Durability
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Best Overall
Cressi Agua Short Light Swim Fins

Made from technical polymers, the snorkeling fins are among the most versatile in their class regarding practicality. Shorter and easier to handle, they can be the friendly option new snorkelers need when getting into the activity. Made in Italy, the fins are for any type of snorkeler or diver looking to travel light.

Made as a shorter version of the Agua long blade for traveling snorkelers, the travel fins save luggage space. But even with their shorter designs, many still see the fins among the most durable options when it comes to fast snorkeling, and for the shorter user, they prove more comfortable as well.

Available in fin sizes between 35 and 48, the fins are made for all feet. They cover a vast range of sizes for full-foot fins’ fans and they can be considered either for occasional or frequent snorkeling. Today, Cressi makes these finds in different colors so they can be matched to the snorkeling gear or the wearer's personality.

  • Made with a self-adjusting foot pocket
  • Italian-made design
  • Also used for swimming
  • The fins run one size small
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Best for Comfort
U.S. Divers Proflex II Snorkel Fins

Made with a unique composite vented design, the pair of fins is mostly made for those who want to see improved results with the depth of their dives. Taking divers further, these fins are also very easy to use compared to the non-vented designs.

Available in the US sizes 6.5-8, the fins are mostly suitable for adults. The fins don’t use strap lockdown but offer a self-adjusting design that follows the foot's natural shape. The fins are practical and easy to put on and take off.

Designed for both beginners and experienced divers, there’s no specific group of users these fins target. They can be considered when just starting out. However, those who’ve been diving for a while might upgrade to such a vented design in an attempt to reach new depths.

  • Available in multiple foot sizes
  • Made in 9 colors
  • Included mesh carry bag
  • Not compatible with diving boots
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Best for Durability
Cressi Adult Full Foot Snorkeling Fins
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

Made from technical polymers, the fins are soft and adherent, and the fins can be used at any diving speed. Sticking to the foot properly, they might be just the fins those new to the sport are looking for. Without being sold at a high price, the fins offer an adherent surface similar to the one seen on alternatives twice as expensive.

Specifically made for beginners, they’re made to avoid tired feet. Useful for divers, the fins are also affordable. Those who also need to purchase a snorkeling mask might not have too much to spend on alternative fins. Cressi’s design is known both for its versatility and for the low price available today.

Manufactured with soft thermo-rubber, the fins are also durable. The rubber surface ensures the fins last for years. Even walking in the fins, the abrasion-resistant surface ensures they don’t get damaged easily. Most suitable for short diving sessions, they can be relied upon in different sizes.

A full-pocket design means users must insert their feet completely into the fins. This ensures they don’t slip out. To prevent the fins from sliding off the heels, it’s best to stick to the size-appropriate version to Cressi’s size chart.

  • Made in different colors
  • Uses Cressi’s proven thermal-rubber
  • Anti-slip construction
  • Not the most lightweight design
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CAPAS Snorkel Fins

Fully flexible, the snorkeling fins bend at 90 degrees without any damage. Made with a short blade, the snorkeling fins represent a versatile tool that has been appreciated for years. Today, Capas is transitioning from the old brand Deiveitone to appeal to a wider audience but with the same quality products.

An open adjustable heel design makes these fins more interesting than others. Those struggling to fit the fins or even those with issues with fins slipping can find them the most helpful. Using adjustable straps is not complicated. Once the fins are on the feet, users simply pull both ends of the strap to fixate the fins.

Made with drainage holes, the fins are also lightweight. They don’t hold on to water, and with so many holes, they can be a bit more helpful to those new to diving which might still be going through a considerable learning curve for the right snorkeling technique.

Available in kids’ sizes, the fins are made for the entire family. The good part is kids can still use these fins as they grow since they come with an adjustable strap design.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Made for adults and kids
  • Available on black, blue, and red
  • Break-in required
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Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Fin

Cressi’s fins arrive in a practical mesh bag, and they’re ready for travel. Users who want an all-in-one pack can still carry the fins while wet in the mesh bag, allowing drainage and drying. The bag also comes with Creesi branding.

Made with a short blade, these fins are among the high-quality Amazon choice for those just starting out. Even when new to diving, users can still benefit from the fin's enhanced performance even with their short blade.

A strong ring strap keeps the fins in place. They have one of the best performances when it comes to overall versatility, especially when it comes to the right fit. Those with narrow feet or those with wide feet might only seek such designs which offer some room for adjustability.

Designed with a heel pull tab, the fins are also easy to adjust once on the feet. Others require users to pull by the straps, but the dedicated heel pull tab can have a higher value in terms of quick adjustments.

  • Made with strong ring straps
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Accommodates 3-4 consecutive sizes
  • Cheap feeling materials
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BPS Snorkel Fins

Serving as a natural extension of the foot, the fins represent one of the lightweight designs. Friendly to beginners, the fins stand out with their overall versatility. They can even be considered among the products that can come as a bundle, as there’s an offer for those also purchasing a BPS snorkeling mask.

A click-and-pull adjustment system makes these fins easy to adjust. Unlike many others in this class, the adjustable fins are specifically made to fit all types of feet. Those with wide feet have considerable issues finding the right solutions for them. Granted, the BPS fins still need break-in, they still offer comfort for wide feet.

Made with a non-slip bottom, these fins offer a stable platform even walking towards or from the water. Most users can only put them on once close to the water, but others might want to avoid walking on hot surfaces such as on the beach.

  • Made from polypropylene
  • Used for powerful kicks
  • Described as snug
  • A bit too flexible
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Cressi Everlasting Family Fins

Cressi’s Everlasting fins are made with a long profile, mostly compatible with underwater recreational activities. Soft and very flexible, the fins allow wearers to swim more efficiently. But since they’re not rigid, the fins are most convenient for those diving at low speeds.

The freediving fins are made with a soft elastomer open-toe pocket design, offering the snorkeling fins one of the most durable profiles regarding the amateur user's overall versatility. While also used by more experienced users, the fins are mostly compatible with newbie diving gear solutions.

Made with a reinforced non-vented blade, the snorkeling fins might be soft, but they’re powerful. A few kicks with the non-vented fins allow them to stand out among the rest in this price range which isn’t as flexible.

Suitable for fluid kicks, these soft non-vented fins are also useful to those learning to dive. With a considerable difference from diving barefoot, they show divers what’s possible. Furthermore, their colored versions are among the most appreciated by the Italian manufacturer, Cressi.

  • Used EVA-made blades
  • Features a full pocket design
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Moderate length
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Deep Blue Gear Latitude 2 Fins for Diving
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

The medium-length fins are made to be compatible with divers of all skills. New divers find them a bit rigid, but they make up for the rigidity with the considerable kick and propulsion they offer. Unfortunately, the fin's design will not win awards anytime soon.

The fins can be matched with different snorkeling gear in blue, platinum, and yellow. The fins are the most responsive when on the feet of experienced divers without any vents. However, those new to diving might also try them out, especially since they’re only medium-sized.

The fins offer proper protection for all types of feet with a full foot pocket. They naturally follow the contour of the feet, which means they feel like a true pocket, even without an adjustable strap.

Maximum propulsion is achieved when kicking hard. Since the fins are a bit stiffer than the average alternative, their main benefit is enhanced propulsion. There’s still good reason to choose propulsion-oriented fins, which require less effort for low feet fatigue.

  • Made for adults and kids
  • Uses composite rubber and plastic
  • Step-in design
  • Not the most modern design
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Cressi Snorkeling Adjustable Fins

The fins’ pocket is made with soft elastomer for those who want to enjoy the best comfort. These fins are Cressi’s option for those who want soft materials that don’t push against the feet as hard.

Long fins such as these are mostly suitable for powerful kicks. Those new to snorkeling find them a bit tricky to maneuver at first. Not the first option for learning fins, they might still be a good solution for swimming fast for those who find the right size.

Designed for long swims or scuba diving, the fins can also be versatile. Even swimming in open water can prove a lot easier wearing Cressi’s fins. With the help of an adjustable strap, they stay in place both in salt waters and freshwaters.

Made by a company manufacturing fins since 1946, the snorkeling fins are among the most durable in their class. They represent a solid option for those who also love heritage brands, not just the new fins which tend to pop up frequently on the market.

  • Available in 14 colors
  • Designed with an adjustable heel strap
  • Responsive with all kicking styles
  • Rigid straps
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ANGGO Snorkel Fins

Made with a comfortable foot pocket, the AnggoSnorkle fins are made for shallow water snorkeling and pool swimming. Shipped with insertion pads, the fins are also easy to maintain. Once cleaned, the pads are inserted into the fins to maintain their shape.

Designed with dual-composite fin blades, they’re also made to last. The materials are not revolutionary, but they’re known to be reliable. Furthermore, many consider the material among the leading options for overall durability.

Designed with short blades for easy kicking, the fins are among the lightest in their class. They offer a stable platform where newbies can feel comfortable walking in and snorkeling.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • Suitable for pool use
  • Shipped with a quick-drying mesh bag
  • Snug on wide feet
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Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins

The walkable fins are made with a neoprene boot design. They offer one of the best options for those seeking the ultimate freedom to walk and swim simultaneously. While the design is unique and comfortable, it takes some time to adjust.

Fitted around the ankle, the snorkeling fins are among the most versatile in their class. With strong and stretchy materials, they follow the contour of the foot. At the same time, they are among the most versatile tools for those who tend to get out of the water frequently with their walking design.

An ankle strap fixes the booties in place. It is mostly used to deliver quick adjustability. But since it’s placed on the ankle, it makes the fins some of the best options for a tight fit as the lockdown is inspired by traditional boots.

  • Made with a rubber sole for walking
  • Quick heel pull tab design
  • Upper manufactured from neoprene
  • Long learning curve
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Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins

Designed with an open foot pocket, the fins are practical and easy to put on or take off. They represent one of the most versatile options for swimming and diving. Those seeking the ultimate freedom when it comes to comfort can also fit them over beach socks.

The 16-in trek fins are lightweight and flexible. Mostly useful for the average user going snorkeling a few times per month, they can also be seen among the durable designs which are easy to count on for years.

Compact and ready for travel, the fins fit most backpacks. This allows them to offer one of the practical designs to traveling users. Anyone seeking to limit the snorkeling gear weight will find these very comfortable.

  • Medium to rigid-flex
  • Compatible with beach socks
  • Available in 10 color variations
  • They run half a size small
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Cressi Short Adjustable Fins

Made with a short blade, the adjustable fins are among the compact Cressi designs. Specifically targeting the occasional user or those new to diving, these fins have the considerable advantage of low weight and compactness.

An open heel pocket with an adjustable binding system makes these even more practical. Users can rely on the snorkeling fins with quick-release straps for the ultimate fit. Based on practical plastic buckles, the fins are also quick to release in an emergency.

A soft anatomical foot pocket also makes them comfortable. Anyone dealing with issues such as Plantar Fasciitis will find these as one of the few alternatives that pass the foot pain test. Ideal for travel, the compact fins are also a solution for those who don’t like the feeling of heavyweights on their feet.

  • Solid construction quality
  • Designed with a premium buckle
  • Includes a mesh bag
  • Very firm
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How to choose the best snorkeling fins

Choosing the best snorkeling fins might not be easy for those new to the world of snorkeling. However, there are very few characteristics to consider when purchasing fins, as their multi-purpose profile is what can make them interesting for all divers.

Full Foot or Open Foot

There’s a debate going on between the right choice of full foot or open foot snorkeling fins. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. 

Full-foot snorkeling fins are among the resourceful designs in which divers simply slide their feet. They follow the natural shape of the foot. Open foot snorkeling fins have an open back from where the feet slide inside. The heel is then locked in place with a securing strap.

The right choice between these two popular snorkeling fins is often subjective. It’s up to the users to decide upon which option works best. However, the open foot design can be adjusted tighter for a custom fit.

Long Fins, Medium Fins, and Short Fins

The three types of snorkeling fin lengths are important for all users. For example, those considering long fins are among users most interested in extra kicking power. Those only relying on short fins might frequently be traveling and only looking for basic accessories that are easy to carry.

Split or Paddle Fins

There’s a difference in how split fins react compared to paddle fins. These snorkeling fins are often found in the arsenal of the modern diver. Paddle fins provide extra kicking power and can be useful in tides and general diving. Split fins don’t add as much power as they gain in versatility. These fins can be considered by anyone looking to maximize practicality and quick direction changes.


Not all snorkeling fins are made of the same size. As seen with the fins above, they’re made in different sizes, making them a custom-fit solution for snorkeling. The sizing chart of these fins shows what most users can rely upon, even with 2-3 concomitant numbers. Kids also have their sizes, and parents consider their fins according to age group.


Mostly made out of rubber and possibly PP, EVA, and silicone, diving fins have different levels of rigidity. This aspect is important when judging the right kicking power. Furthermore, not all users can own multiple sets of fins; in this case, the materials offering medium rigidity will offer better reliability.


The way snorkeling fins look is also important. They can be considered among the most resourceful options for matching snorkeling outfits or even personality. Cressi is one of the brands offering different styles for men, women, and children. Today, fins are more colorful than they used to be.

Purchasing colorful fins might also help with underwater visibility, which can be important when diving in groups. On the other hand, snorkeling might only be made at the surface of the water where the snorkeling mask is most resourceful, and in this case, the way the fins feel over how they look is more important.

The design of the fins is also changing. As seen above, they now come in a boot design with walkability. These types of designs are useful to those who don’t want to take off their fins while out of the cold water until the day is over. With enhanced grip and boot-like outsoles, these snorkeling fins are also certainly designed to look distinct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use snorkeling fins

Snorkeling fins aren’t mandatory inside the water but can help considerably. Seen among the most interesting attachment to diving better and faster, the fins have their unique advantages.

Escape the tide
Snorkeling fins can help escape tides. Anyone caught up in a tide knows just how important it is to have the extra power to safely escape any difficult situation while in the water.

Add kicking power
Extra kicking power is worth the investment. Snorkeling fins are made to last for a long time, providing the same kicking power even after years of use.

Reduce leg fatigue
Since there’s less pressure on the quads and hamstrings, users can freely consider snorkeling fins as a tool to delay leg fatigue. With diving, leg fatigue can be prominent.

What fins to use for snorkeling?

Full-foot snorkeling fins remain the traditional option many starts out with. There are no moving parts to worry about, making them the most durable option. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with starting out with open heel fins, which are made for durability and overall versatility.

Do snorkeling fins float?

Snorkeling fins don’t float; they’re made to clear water as soon as possible and keep it out of pocket. However, scuba fins that are made with materials such as foam might come with buoyancy. It remains up to the user to test how buoyant their fins are.

Do you have to wear fins when snorkeling?

Even the best fins are not mandatory for snorkeling. However, they can make an impact on propulsion. Those who want to swim efficiently need to consider fins before their legs start to hurt from the effort.

Does swimming with fins tone legs?

Swimming, in general, certainly tones the legs and the upper body. Swimming with fins has the same benefits. Research has shown that swimming is an excellent type of exercise, and it is also one of the water sports which doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints, which means it can even be practiced by elder active people.

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