Best Punching Balls

Users of high-quality punching balls recognize the comprehensive workout they offer. These balls are predominantly used to boost speed and accuracy through intense punching. Fans of contact sports also employ punching balls to improve their response times.

Made for all users who want to stay active, punching balls also offer a complete workout away from the gym. Users who want to test out reactions and burn extra calories can have a quick workout punching the ball for a few minutes with different intensities. The following punching balls are known for their durability.

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Best for Beginners
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Best for Comfort
Best for Beginners
Best for Advanced Users
Best for Comfort
05/08/2023 07:46 pm GMT Lasso Brag
Best for Beginners
Tekxyz Boxing Reflex Ball

With an included headband, the Boxing Reflex Ball is one of the interesting choices for those seeking the ultimate versatility with their at-home training. The adjustable headband is comfortable and it supports the 2 balls included in the pack which are quickly changed for a different punching experience.

Best For Practicing Those Punches

The punching ball comes in 2 colors. The black ball isn’t as bouncy and being lighter than a tennis ball, it is also very easy to use. But once the users get the hang of the movements, they can move up to the red ball which is considerably lighter and which requires better skills and better concentration.

Red is the color we’re the most experienced users are going to find the true punching experience fun. Those worried about not being able to get the hang of the movements can use the red ball together with the black ball in alternation until they master punching at high speed for reflex training without a sparring partner.

Punch Your Way To Fitness

The punching ball set allows users to burn extra calories at home, in the park, or when on holiday. It can also be a fun toy to use for the entire family. Adults can burn calories while training for up to 20 minutes at a time. Kids can use the black ball to improve hand-eye coordination and minimize their response time with every movement.

  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Lighter than tennis balls
  • Normally used for 15-20 minutes
  • Frequent line twist ups
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05/08/2023 07:46 pm GMT
Best for Advanced Users
American Fist Boxing Reflex Ball Set

Made with an adjustable headset, the punching ball can be used both by kids and adults. Easy to wear, it’s comfortable within reasonable limits and it can be used in spinning punching sessions of up to 20 minutes or more.

Adjust Depending on Your Level

Four difficulty levels are supported by the set. The black ball is made for rookies and those who’re just getting the hang of fast-paced punching. The bright red ball is the fastest as its lightweight helps it travel fast. Those with in-between skills can choose the blue ball or the Veteran ball to start training at a decent pace.

Designed with an anti-slip strip, the headband stays in place properly. Since it is tight on the head, most users are happy to notice the headband doesn’t pull hairs which means it’s ready to offer constant action without readjustments.

Improve Your Endurance

Fun and easy to use, it burns calories. Those who want a different style of training that doesn’t disturb neighbors can rely on it to burn excess body fat. At the same time, it can be one of the tools used at the end of a workout to improve cardiovascular endurance.

Made with 4 difficulty levels, the set is ready to offer a fast punching experience above its competitors. If most alternatives only come with 1 or 2 balls, American Fist sends it out with 4 fastballs ready for hours of weekly punching action.

  • Trains reaction time
  • Improves agility
  • Enhances fighting skills
  • Not made for real boxers
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02/17/2024 01:47 pm GMT
Best for Comfort
CHAMPS MMA Boxing Reflex Ball

Made with a 2” adjustable headband, the punching ball is one of the most interesting solutions for those who need to keep punching even when out of the ring. It may be used by fighters but it can also be used by those who want to stay in shape and burn a few calories.

Supports Long Hours of Training

Designed with a durable metal D-ring, it supports long training sessions, unlike most other alternatives. The durable metal attachment makes it a sustainable solution for those who might want to enjoy long 30-minutes to 1 hour or training.

Used in addition to boxing and MMA training gear, the punching balls offer a quick recovery system for fighters. For example, if most can’t punch a heavy bag every day, they can use the punching ball set to keep active during their recovery or off days without hurting their hands,

An included training video guides new users to the training system, as well as those who prefer working out at home. There are 4 balls included in the set. Most users can combine training with all of these balls. 2 red balls, a black ball, and a blue ball are included in the set.

  • Made with a universal size headband
  • Comfortable for long punching sessions
  • Made with reinforced stitching
  • The headband picks up sweat
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Punching Mania Boxing Reflex Ball
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

Experience the most rewarding and challenging, yet enjoyable workout session with the boxing reflex ball from Punching Mania. The product comes with high-quality materials that don’t easily wear and tear.

For the best experience, the headband is made of highly-absorbent material to keep sweat off the eyes to ensure focus. It is also adjustable to provide comfort and hypoallergenic to prevent all types of skin irritation.

Made With And For Different Levels

Punching Mania comes with two reflex balls for two different levels: black for beginners and designed for starter training, and red for advanced users. It also comes with two elastic strings that could be adjusted depending on the level of intensity and speed of your workout or training. The equipment is also safe and could be used by kids for a more friendly and fun game.

Comes With Instructions

First-time users need not worry as the product comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use it and to easily learn the training modes. Punching Mania also included an exciting bonus – each purchase includes a carrying bag and replacement kit.

Use the carrying bag to carry the equipment anytime, anywhere without the bulk. Changing the strings of the balls is also possible and easy with the replacement kit. Each bag includes two extra strings for both black and red balls.

  • Made with highly absorbent and hypoallergenic headband
  • Adjustable strap
  • Comes with a replacement kit and carrying bag
  • Could also be used by kids for friendly fun and game
  • Could be difficult to learn for older people
  • Balls included are small to some
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02/17/2024 02:03 pm GMT
QPAU Reflex Headband Punching Ball

Made from high-quality silicone, the headband punching ball is one of the compact options for those who like to train in different locations. The narrow silicone band is among the most responsible options for those who want to travel with the punching ball to the park or even to freely train around the house.

For Kids & Adults

Designed with an extended Velcro strap, it is also easy to adjust. Suitable both for kids and adults, it allows quick and safe adjustments with no buckles. The strap is also durable

as it is specifically made to be longer and more durable with the updated design.

Allowing users to practice anywhere, the punching ball is one of the simplest methods of staying active even at work. Those stuck at the office can still enjoy one of the fastest training systems which burns calories and relieve stress.

  • Includes 2 Velcro straps and balls
  • Made with a breathable design
  • Designed with soft bouncy balls
  • Balls show signs of wear within months
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How to Choose the Best Punching Balls

Choosing the best punching balls is not complicated. Most users should be able to find a set that is reliable, safe, and fun. The entire appeal of punching balls is the fun experience they come with. However, there are a few features to consider.


The materials of the punching balls aren’t as important as the materials of the headband. Since the headband is in constant contact with the head, users can feel different depending on the materials they’re made of. Pure plastic is not comfortable.

Rubber and some silicone headbands can pull hair. But the most comfortable headbands are those made from textile materials. This is the main reason the headbands are so reliable when it comes to long training sessions.

Training balls

The training balls in the set vary in numbers. Some sets only come with 1 punching ball. Others come with 4 punching balls. For maximum versatility, it’s recommended to purchase the solution with the balls which are right for the user.

Those new to the training system might need to use heavier black balls first. Easier to punch, the balls allow users to have a clear idea of what types of movements they need to perform and what is expected in terms of their arms’ reactions when moving up to a fast red ball.


The adjustability of the headband is important. Not all users come in the same sizes. Furthermore, the fun punching balls are often used by the entire family. This is the main reason those who want to ensure they get a comfortable headband that can be worn by their partners or even kids need to purchase an adjustable design.

The adjustability system is almost always based on Velcro straps. These straps are the most efficient and lightweight system to hold the headband in place with their freestanding design. As seen from the listed punching balls, some manufacturers also offer a secondary Velcro strap as a backup.


The colors of the punching balls are also important. In general, red balls are the easiest to follow. Users have fun when the balls are clearly visible. But in some locations, even using a blue or a black alternative might enhance visibility. Depending on where users plan to train, they need to choose the color which works best for their needs.

Colored balls can also make kids more interested in testing out their punching skills. They can learn color-coding to select the right balls they want for the specific training session which is faster than reading printed weights groups.

The colors of the punching balls usually represent the same weight. Most manufacturers have their lightest balls painted in bright red. However, this is not always the case and users should check the weight chart of each set to check for a specific weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you punch a punching ball?

Using a punching ball is easy. First, users need to install the headband. Then, the headband needs to be connected to the elastic cable. The ball is tied to the elastic cable and the user can start punching.

Most users can try out different movements with a slower ball first until they’re confident about the punching speed. Hand wraps and boxing gloves aren’t required.

How do you know if you punch hard?

Most users can’t tell if they punch a fighting ball hard. But, similarly to speed bag punching,  an easy way to test strength is by punching the ball high up in the air.

The best way to test strength is to look down to add a bit more travel space for the ball. Users then need to punch the ball so that it flies up into the air above the head level.

Are boxing reflex balls good?

Boxing reflex balls are good for training speed. While they’re not made to train strength, they can be a top solution to exercise hand-eye coordination. Some users only rely on boxing reflex balls as a workout tool to burn calories.

Kids use these balls for fun. Office workers rely on these balls to reduce stress levels and to take their minds off work for a few minutes.

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