Best Merax Trampolines

Think about putting your money into high-quality Merax Trampolines for an enjoyable and secure jump experience. These trampolines offer a pleasant and safe bouncing experience, and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 12ft to 15ft, complete with padded poles.

Both adults and kids can use trampolines made by Merax. While those new to them might need a bit of time to pass through the learning curve of jumping and spinning, it’s worth learning the movements as they also include basketball hoops. The following Merax trampolines have been selected for their safety features, plus practical extras such as the metal climbing ladder.

Best Overall
Merax 16 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

The large trampoline for backyard use is one of the easiest ways to have fun outdoors. It features durable materials, a practical design, and safety nets to ensure you don’t jump off.

Assembling the Merax trampoline is not complicated. Most users need a friend to help them efficiently set it up in the backyard. For safety reasons, you should not use it until the 6W padded steel poles are also installed.

Like all trampolines, it sits high above the ground. To avoid getting on the trampoline with unsafe solutions such as buckets, you also need to install the 4-step steel ladder before using the trampoline for the first time.

Made using galvanized steel and 108 galvanized trampoline springs, it offers good jumping responsiveness. If you have been jumping on low-quality trampolines, you know you can easily get your feet stuck in the springs. But Merax coves the springs with soft materials so that you stay safe even when you land off-center.

There’s a safe play basketball hoop attached to one of the poles as well. It features a safety net to stop the ball from leaving the trampoline’s enclosure. You can freely jump around on your own, with the kids, or use a basketball to enjoy hours of fun outdoor physical training.

In terms of how it looks on paper, the trampoline is a top Merax release. You get a 15ft trampoline, with 375lbs weight capacity, and 108 galvanized springs.

  • The ladder simply hooks around the heavy gauge steel rail
  • The safety net is outside of the springs
  • Made with wear-resistant protective foam
  • It requires a 2-person assembly
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Best for Kids
Merax 12FT & 14FT Trampoline

Our second favorite is the 350lbs Merax trampoline. It has a slightly lower weight capacity but it still relies on galvanized steel for durability. Unlike most other trampolines, it features a full safety net enclosure, also made from durable materials.

The main enemy of trampolines is the sun. UV lights can damage its mat and steel frame. Merax uses UV-proof materials to add durability to the jumping setup. Since Merax already has experience in fitness equipment, the quality of the trampoline is hard to dispute.

Even if the 14ft size is slightly smaller than other trampolines from the manufacturer, you still need a pair of helping hands to put it together. You will need to fasten the screws properly before starting jumping around.

A 5-year warranty is added to the trampoline. As long as you install it correctly, Merax replaces any faulty part within this time frame. However, you should know that it’s mainly a trampoline for kids as adults don’t have too much space to jump around. This is important for potential warranty claims.

There are 5 poles you need to put together plus 1 larger poll which holds the basketball hoop. During Merax 14 setup, you’ll notice the poles don’t necessarily be above the trampoline legs. Since it’s designed with W legs, the poles plus the basketball pole can be assembled in multiple locations.

Its practicality is also seen in the heavy-duty steel ladder installation. This ladder can be mounted anywhere on the round rail. When your trampoline is installed next to a wall or a fence, this is seen as a highly practical feature.

  • Made with a rust-resistant frame
  • Designed with safe UV-proof enclosure
  • Includes a basketball backboard net
  • It ships in 3 boxes
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Best for Basketball
Merax 12FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

This is the smallest Merax trampoline on the list. Its compact design makes the trampoline a top choice for teenagers and little jumpers. It features a 330lbs weight capacity which means even groups of kids can jump together.

Trampolines are often the soul of a backyard party and kids can have their friends over for an hour of jumping around.

Like all Merax trampolines, it features the same high-quality materials and durability. Made using galvanized steel, it lasts for years. However, you should know there are small differences between the 12ft and the 14ft versions.

Apart from the obvious sizing concerns, the trampoline’s weight capacity is also slightly different. For example, the 12ft option only supports a maximum weight of 300lbs, as opposed to the 330lbs weight limit of the 14ft version.

There’s a safety enclosure that ships with both versions of the trampoline, alongside a basketball hoop to practice dunks. To close the enclosure net, you simply zip up the access point, which also prevents your basketball from making its way out of the enclosed area.

You also need to know its basketball hoop is safe to play with as well. However, if you’re not interested in dunks, you might not even mount the basketball hoop it can be detached completely from the larger support pole it normally sits on.

  • Made with a metal basketball hoop
  • Ships with detailed assembly instructions
  • Designed with a compact size for kids
  • It doesn’t include ground anchors
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Merax 14FT Blue Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net
$8.00 ($8.00 / Fl Oz)

This 14ft diameter trampoline is also suitable for small groups of children jumping around. It features the same metal-made basketball hoop. Most kids and parents are impressed by it since alternative trampolines either come with a plastic hoop or no basketball hoop at all.

Its 300lbs weight capacity is sufficient for 1 or 2 kids jumping as high as possible. Jumping over the head, on the side, and even performing air burpees is possible with the rugged trampoline.

Made with back and green materials, the Merax 14-feet round trampoline is mainly suitable for outdoor use. Based on galvanized steel, it resists high and low temperatures properly.

You can even use it in the autumn when you clean it to clear tree leaves before jumping and exercising on the trampoline. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in other color combinations.

  • Covered in protective frame padding
  • Stable even without sandbags
  • Gentle on the knees
  • A bit small for kids over the age of 10
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How to Choose the Best Trampoline

Purchasing your first trampoline is difficult since you might not even know what to look for. Merax might be a trustworthy brand, but how do you know which trampoline to purchase from the manufacturer?

Start With the Available Yardage

You should always start by assessing the available space you have in your backyard. Installing the trampoline indoors or on the deck is not advisable for stability reasons. As a result, you should ensure free space around the trampoline to avoid unwanted accidents.

Before using the trampoline, you must ensure sufficient space for the ladder. You should also aim to have sufficient overhead clearance for the same safety considerations. Assembling the trampoline under a tree is not a good idea.

Consider the Right Size According to the Age Group

Trampolines today are available in various sizes. They vary from 8 feet (diameter) to 15 feet, which makes them a bit hard to compare. But the size of the trampoline is directly related to the size of your kids and your size, as you can jump on it as an adult as well.

The size of the trampoline also affects the maximum user weight. Since the shortest method of ruining the trampoline is by adding more weight to it than it can handle, you need to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This Is How You Make Every Trampoline Safe

W-shaped trampoline legs are considered stable and safe. As the name suggests, their W shape construction ensures more stability and better reliability regardless of where on the mat you jump. Some people prefer to secure these trampolines to the ground with anchoring or sandbags. These techniques might be useful, especially for groups of children jumping together.

Pricing and Warranty

Even the most expensive trampolines should come with a good warranty. Unlike electronics or kids’ toys, trampolines should be covered for around 5 years. Most last even longer as they’re now made with UV protection.

Mat and Springs Protection

The trampoline mat needs to be secured to the frame using springs. The area between the mat and the frame is where many accidents happen. You can easily get your feet stuck in this area. What can you do about it?

You can choose a Merax trampoline with a soft foam protective layer on top of the springs. This ensures your feet don’t get stuck in between the springs and that if you land on the springs, you won’t get hurt either.

The springs themselves should be durable as well. Galvanized or stainless steel is a must, given that trampolines are left outside in the rain. You should avoid constructing your trampoline from materials such as wood, as they don’t have the ruggedness of steel.

Trampoline Shape

The shape of the trampoline is something many families tend to neglect. But kids know the shape of the trampoline supports various jumps and benefits. For example, round trampolines favor groups of kids jumping together as they tend to stay in a circle facing the center of the trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines favor jumps such as backflips and other trampoline tricks. You can consider these trampolines for adults and all other family members.

Trampoline Legs

Trampoline legs elevate the mat above the ground. Many mistake tall legs for stable legs. But the taller the legs, the less stable the trampoline is. There’s a balance in each trampoline, and even the design of the legs is important for good safety.

W-shaped legs are usually considered by most trampoline purchasers. You should ensure the ground is perfectly level when installing the fitness trampoline. However, you need to anchor it to the ground even if a single leg is up in the air due to uneven ground. Ideally, you need to find level ground where the trampoline stays in place even when unanchored.

Consider Extra Canopies

Trampoline tents or canopies ensure kids remain inside the enclosed space without the risk of jumping over it. While adding a canopy doesn’t eliminate the risk of kids getting hurt, it can be one of the few options to consider when you want to ensure your kids stay safe.

Extra Trampoline Pads

You can also install multiple-foot trampoline pads if you want your trampoline to be extra safe. It’s a matter of weight resistance as well. You can purchase extra trampoline pads for improved safety.

You can also secure the area around the trampoline with gym floor mats. These are typically useful in busy homes where multiple kids try to jump on the trampoline at the same time. Otherwise, the area around the trampoline must be kept clear to avoid tripping and other accidents.

Trampolines for Toddlers

Not all trampolines are the same. You might have seen small trampolines with handlebars if you’ve been shopping in kids’ department stores. These are trampolines for toddlers, as they allow the little ones to grab and hold the handlebar while jumping. Since they don’t yet have the locomotor strength to jump and land safely without a handlebar, they can also be seen as learner trampolines.

Teach Kids Basic Safety

Regardless of the type of trampoline you choose, you still need to teach kids trampoline safety. You can start by telling them not to jump around too soon after eating. You want to ensure they feel good on the trampoline.

Kids also need to know they need to keep a distance from their friends on the trampoline. Many accidents happen when kids are too close when jumping on the trampoline.

Children shouldn’t be forced to jump higher, either. Parents need to encourage them to jump as they feel comfortable. A safety net is crucial when foot trampolines are used by kids as well. Most Merax trampolines already include these nets, which create a safe, enclosed jumping space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Merax a good trampoline?

Merax makes some of the best trampolines today. The manufacturer focuses on producing quality gear for the active user, which means the company understands safety and reliability better than others.

Their trampolines are also durable. All listed trampolines above come with a 5-year warranty which speaks for itself when it comes to reassuring the first-time buyer.

What is the best brand of outdoor trampolines?

Merax is the best brand for outdoor trampolines. It offers reliable products at a fair price. There’s no reason to invest in more expensive trampolines as they don’t bring anything extra compared to those made by Merax.

At the same time, looking for entry-level trampolines is not the best alternative. These tend to come with open spring areas, which are problematic for safety reasons. Many tend not to include an enclosure design, which is also problematic.

What are the safest outdoor trampolines?

There are a few reliable outdoor trampolines to choose from with a good bounce and proper safety. Besides Merax, trampoline reviews show that the bouncer fan can also consider Springfree, Vuly Thunder, Vuly Sky, Plum Play, Airzone, KumpKing, Skywalker Trampolines 15, and Bounce Pro.

However, even the safest trampolines can be unsafe when not properly assembled. Before purchasing a trampoline, you should expect a comprehensive setup process. Most require a mallet, a screwdriver, or an electric drill to safely assemble.

Do nets make trampolines safer?

Safety nets can’t make trampolines completely safe. However, they can improve overall safety. The main role of the nets is to stop you from falling over the trampoline and hitting the ground. However, you may still injure yourself when falling between the net and the trampoline, where your feet can get stuck when falling at the wrong angle. It’s best to jump with caution even when using a trampoline net.

Which Merax trampoline has the best bounce?

Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net has the best bounce since it’s the largest option from the brand. Outside Merax, you can consider the Jump Sports Alley Double Bounce, the Acon trampoline, and even the SkyBound Stratos for the best bounciness.

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