Cycling Jerseys

The best cycling jerseys are made to offer breathability and protection without sacrificing aerodynamics. These jerseys can be very affordable but they can also be found at a high price. Choosing between the leading jerseys isn’t easy and the following guide recommends the right options for cyclists who don’t have time to do the research themselves.

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Best for Road Cycling
Best for Storage
Best for Visibility
Best for Road Cycling
Best for Storage
Best for Visibility
05/08/2023 10:14 am GMT Lasso Brag
Best for Road Cycling
Spotti Men's Cycling Jersey

Made with short sleeves, the cycling jersey is lightweight and breathable. With high versatility, it’s among the jerseys suitable as a base layer for all cyclists. Used on its own, it offers a great option for those who want to feel their skin breathing. But it can also be used under long-sleeve cycling jerseys in cold weather.

Available in Different Sizes For All Ages

Made from polyester, the jersey is among the leading solutions for breathability. Most importantly, its quick-drying profile recommends the jersey for those into long cycling sessions. Unlike cotton alternatives, it doesn’t hold on to sweat while cycling.

Available in sizes from S to 3XL, it offers reliability for all heights. Ideally, users would allow 1-2cm of extra room within the shirt to give the body the ability to breathe for a second. Furthermore, it may be among the options suitable both for adults and teenagers.

Enjoy High Visibility

Available in 7 colors, the jersey comes in all-black or vivid colorful alternatives. Most of the colors enjoy high visibility so that those cycling on A-roads are visible to drivers. With plenty of opportunities to even buy multiple jerseys and change them every day, the affordable design might be the only cycling jersey needed.

Designed with a 12” zipper, it offers a quick cool down for those who feel their body overheating from all the cycling. The jersey can also be used zipped up during cool early morning cycling sessions.

Versatile for sports, it offers one of the best profiles for those who want to enjoy full movement freedom to enjoy all types of physical activities as well.

  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Ideal for hot days
  • Aerodynamic design
  • No zipped pockets
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05/08/2023 10:14 am GMT
Best for Storage
Sponeed Men's Cycling Jerseys

Made from polyester, the cycling jersey offers comfort and breathability for all types of cycling. Since the jersey is made with low aerodynamic impact, it’s mainly useful to road cyclists and a small extent, to gravel cyclists. Those who want to experience the best breathability can only use such quick-drying materials.

Most Practical Design

Designed with a full-length zipper, the top is among the most practical designs in its class. Cyclists can quickly unzip it to cool down while cycling at high speed. Furthermore, they can even wash the jersey quickly when taking a break and air-dry it quickly in the summer sun.

4-way stretch for added performance makes it one of the most versatile options for those who need maximum durability from such thin materials. With high versatility, it’s among the top solutions for those who want to enjoy long riding sessions.

Back pockets can be useful for hydration packs and other personal items. With a place to store keys or smartphones, it can be practical options for all types of cyclists.

  • Available in 7 colors
  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Made with an elastic waistline
  • The zipper pulls with the left hand
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05/08/2023 08:59 am GMT
Best for Visibility
Strgao Men's Cycling Jersey

Zipped closure is the main advantage of the vivid cycling jersey for men. Available in different colors, it offers a comfortable shape that naturally follows the contour of the body. Made with reinforced short sleeves with small seams, it also keeps air out of the jersey for high aerodynamic efficiency.

Allows Concentration

Made with a silicone gripper strip at the bottom, the jersey is also practical. It doesn’t slide up the body and as a result, it allows cyclists to concentrate on the climb or the descent without thinking about their cycling gear.

Mesh fabrics are used to keep the jersey breathable. Quick to dry, it’s among the most interesting designs for overall versatility in the conditions in which it needs to be washed after every serious cycling session.

Unique-looking Designs

Colorful and available in multiple designs, it comes as an inspiration to many. From fire themes to abstract themes in different colors, the jersey is among the uniquely-looking designs which certainly attract plenty of compliments and questions.

  • Available in 20 colors
  • It can be used as a race jersey
  • Made with an anatomical 3D design
  • Not available in small sizes
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05/08/2023 07:56 am GMT
Racmmer Men's Cycling Jersey

Made from polyester, the breathable fabric with seamless construction and seamless jersey comes in various colors. It comes in distinct versions for both men and women. It includes a rose-themed shirt that enjoys popularity among women. But it also comes in all types of other colors to suit all needs.

Made with a seamless design, the jersey offers one of the leading options for comfort. It comes with quick-drying abilities which means it’s a highly versatile solution for both beginner cyclists and experienced cyclists.

Comes with Deep Pockets

Designed with 3 classic pockets, the cycling jersey is also practical. The deep pockets can be used for all types of products, including smartphones and personal documents. But most importantly, it can hold hydration packs of carb snacks for a boost of energy.

With an included back silicone hem the jersey also stays in place properly. Since it doesn’t slide up the body, it allows a cyclist to focus on their training routines.

  • Available in 13 colors
  • Made in all sizes
  • Designed with a high-quality zipper
  • Only available with pockets
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05/08/2023 11:32 pm GMT
ARSUXEO Men's Cycling Jersey

Made with 100% polyester, the cycling jersey is among the breathable options cyclists need to stay relaxed and comfortable on the road. It also replaces casual outfits adding an aerodynamic profile that is hard to match for the price, as it’s among the most affordable designs of the moment.

Practical Storage Pockets & Design

The storage pockets are available on the black, yellow, white, and blue version of the jersey. While not all cyclists need these pockets, they can be a practical addition to those who need to carry their smartphones and other accessories while away from home.

Designed with a longer back hem, the jersey is among the smart design which understands the aerodynamic cycling position on dropped handlebars. It even stands out as one of the practical releases as it adds a silicone strip at the bottom in the back.

Made with ultra-soft UV protection, it also keeps harmful rays off the skin. Many cyclists know the struggles of dealing with long rides when the skin suffers for long sun exposure, even with all the protective lotions in the end.

  • Made in 4 colors
  • Sold in small, medium, and large
  • Based on moisture-wicking fabrics
  • Small reflective strips
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05/08/2023 08:49 am GMT
Coconut Ropamo Mens Cycling Jersey

Manufactured with an anti-slip design, the jersey is among the reliable products made for good overall versatility on climbs. When the road gets difficult, many riders simply struggle to keep up and even to have their casual sports jersey stay in place. Sweat also gets in the way and having an anti-slip design is the right way to go even following professional alternatives.

Follows the Natural Shape of the Body

Designed with an anatomic profile, the jersey naturally follows the shape of the body. It’s not made to be loose and this might take some getting used to for those new to cycling. Furthermore, it even represents a profile that enhanced aerodynamics, which can be best seen with steep downhill rides.

Configured for all levels of cycling, the jersey is useful for anybody interested in cycling frequently. It is not something those who cycle a few times per year need. But commuters or those interested

Versatile for road cycling, triathlons, mountain biking, and commuting, the jersey is among the versatile option regardless of the bike of choice. Furthermore, all users can even wear it at the gym for the days of upper body training.

  • Available in 15 colors
  • Bust sizes vary from 36.2 to 51.9in
  • Back length varies from 26.8 to 30.7in
  • Runs one size small
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05/08/2023 02:11 pm GMT
Weimostar Men's USA Cycling Jersey

A full-length zip meets the cyclist with breathability. With its sustainable design, it offers a long-term option both for the summer season and for late spring and early fall cycling. It might even be used as a base layer underneath other cycling kits and clothes.

An elastic bottom is added to the cycling jerseys. It keeps the bottom from flopping around in the wind as it follows the shape of the cyclist. With an elastic fit that also supports stretching, it comes as a comfortable solution even if it’s complete by an elastic at the bottom.

Breathable & Quick to Dry

Breathable and quick-drying, the jersey offers a reliable solution for those tired of their clothes always being sweaty, never offering proper comfort for a sport as dynamic as cycling. Riding a bike can be fun, but it only offers a pleasant experience with the right clothes.

Three reflective pockets are added to the jersey. Suitable to hold ID cards, keys, and smartphones, the pockets are ready to store quick snacks as well.

The polyester jersey doesn’t stick to the body when wet. This means it allows cyclists to continue racing as it keeps their eyes on the road. With materials that dry even within minutes after being taken off, they can be used to cover long distances.

  • Available in patriotic colors
  • Made with durable polyester
  • Includes reflective strips
  • Made with a slim profile
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Uriah Men's Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve

Based on its moisture-wicking materials, Uriah’s Italian cycling jersey offers top quality and reliability for the money. A few times more affordable than its premium alternatives such as those from Pro Team, DHB, and Assos, it’s hard to match for anyone on a budget. But the cycling jersey can also be part of a larger collection since its price is low and since it comes in so many interesting colors.

A Versatility That Stands Out

With anti-UV rays materials, it can be used for cycling out in the sun. Unlike a few of its Rapha alternatives, it also stands out with its versatility against the sun’s rays which ensures the skin won’t burn when staying on the road during the summer.

Made in colors with stripes, shapes, or abstract drawings, it represents a modern alternative to the classic cycling jersey. It even stands out with unique colors and patterns which certainly match several road bikes and cycling shoes.

The jersey runs a size small and riders need to check the sizing chart of the manufacturer. It means they need to choose a larger size most of the time. Both men and women need to choose a larger size than casual jerseys.

  • It features 3 pockets
  • Colored with safe dye
  • Protects the skin from UV light
  • Runs a size small
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05/09/2023 10:17 am GMT
Spotti Men's Cycling Jersey

Not every cyclist is comfortable with short-sleeve jerseys. Spotti’s long sleeve cycling jersey offers the ultimate UV light protection. This means those with sensitive skin or those who tend to get skin burns might be best suited by the jersey.

Best for Beginners

Comfortable and breathable, the jersey is made with stretchy polyester. It allows users to have a better understanding of what is possible when getting into cycling jerseys for the first time.

Even with a long sleeve design, the jersey features a short 12” front zipper which keeps the wearer cool in warm weather. Available in 7 plain colors, it might also be a better option for the mature user who doesn’t have the desire to wear other prints on their cycling jerseys.

  • Allows plenty of room for the headspace
  • Made with rear pockets
  • Protects the skin from the sun
  • Only available in simple colors
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How to Choose the Best Cycling Jersey

The best cycling jerseys need to abide by a few principles such as having the right fit. Those new to the incredible sport need to consider the following characteristics.


With a fitted design, cycling jerseys are made to sit closer to the body than other sports clothes for enhanced aerodynamics. But this doesn’t mean they need to be tight to prevent proper blood flow. Many cyclists prefer to go one size up for extra comfort.


Nylon and polyester are among the most popular materials based on their quick-drying capacity. These synthetic materials are lightweight as well. When spending thousands on a bike, adding unnecessary weight is simply like throwing money out the window.


Regardless of its materials, the jersey needs to be highly visible. Running along cars means cyclists need to be easily visible and the cycling jersey is the first accessory in their arsenal to make them more visible.


When it comes to zips, opinions are divided. Some cyclist doesn’t like zips as they can be uncomfortable if they constantly rub against the skin. Others say they need zips to store personal belongings. Regardless of how the preferred jerseys, cyclists need to estimate which items they’re going to carry while pedaling and this then dictates the need for a zipped pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cyclists wear jerseys?

Cyclists rely on jerseys for aerodynamics and protection. They provide wind protection, thermal protection, and UV protection regardless of the skill level of each cyclist.

Do you wear anything under a cycling jersey?

Most cyclists don’t wear anything under the cycling jersey. Given many come with zippers, wearing anything underneath would defeat their breathability purpose.

Why do cyclists wear tight clothes?

Cyclists wear tight lycra tops and cycling shorts to become more aerodynamic. Wide clothes increase wind resistance and air friction, diminishing the speed of travel on a bike.

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