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Best Cycling Gloves

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BOODUN Cycling Gloves

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Tanluhu Cycling Gloves

Best for Winter Cycling
Nertpow Winter Cycling Bike Gloves

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Comfortable hands are an integral part of cycling safety. The best cycling gloves are made to keep the hands safe, absorb shocks and protect them in windy conditions. Most importantly, cycling gloves protect the hands against slipping. As many bikers know, hands slipping off the handlebar are often followed by a bike crash.

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    Boodun Cycling Gloves

Available in multiple sizes, the cycling gloves stand out with the padding in the right place. They cost about half of the price some leading brands charge. But the gloves also look fantastic. From protecting the hands of city bikers to absorbing shocks for mountain bikers, they are practical and versatile.

Available in all sizes, the gloves can be used by both teenagers and adults. Sizing varies from small to XXL. Those who want to find out the exact size to fit their hands need to measure the palms’ circumference. For example, S-size gloves are suitable for a pam circumference between 6.6 and 7.5 inches. XXL gloves are made for palms with a circumference between 9.88 inches and 11.1 inches.

Absorbing 8mm foam padding has been added to key areas of the palm which has similar comfort to gel gloves.  It represents an interesting option for those who may venture off-road. These gloves have been already appreciated for how the padding resists in time, especially after a few washes.

Lycra backing is added for a cooling effect on the back of the hand. When riding for hours in the sun, the material adds a bit more breathability to help keep cyclists’ hand’s cooler. Of course, hands can’t be cool on the palms due to the thick cushioning.

The materials don’t shrink after washing and the gloves maintain their shape after a few months of use. Polyester and nylon are the materials used to make the gloves.


Made with 2 easy removal straps

Multiple sizes for adults and teenagers

The padding doesn’t flatten in time


Long tags

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    HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

The half finger gloves are made for the ultimate control. Used in road cycling, the gloves offer better control. Used in mountain biking, the gloves prevent hand slippage. But the stretchy nylon material also ensures the gloves are a bit more comfortable than others.

Small shock-absorbing pads have been added to protect the hands. Available in multiple colors, they suit any type of rider from enduro fans to downhill champions.

Velcro straps have been added for better adjustability as on premium Garneau, Inbike, Giro or Pearl Izumi alternatives. These gloves stand out with the quality of these straps which are made with a rubberized surface for extra durability.

2 finger loops have been added at the edge of the fingers to help pull the gloves off. These loops are a bit longer than on other similar gloves. As a result, bikers rate them a bit higher for practicality.

Most importantly, the globes reduce road vibrations. They are ready to deal with moderate roads and offer the shock absorption which is needed to prevent hands pain.


Made with rubber Velcro straps

Designed with smooth cloth materials

Features anti-slip gel silicones


Not available in extreme sizes

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    LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

The cycling gloves are mainly made for those seeking a bit more palm flexibility. This has been achieved by only placing padding in key areas that are in contact with handlebars instead of using large cushioned surfaced.

4-zone cushioning has been implemented in the palm area. These zones are separated by areas with no cushioning which enhances natural palm movements. For those who might be a bit longer on the bike each day, maintaining free motion is important.

Double stitching has been added for extra durability even with high abrasion. Riders note the stitching helps everybody to rely on the gloves as often as needed. Even used every day and washed a few times per week, the gloves maintain their shape and size.

Microsuede synthetic leather palm materials have been added for extra comfort even on long rides. Most find it particularly interesting that the suede palm materials also maintain their texture even after a few months of intense use.

Absorbent thumb towel-type materials are used on the gloves. Those getting sweat into their eyes can simply wipe it off with simple gestures. However, the material is not as large as to absorb all sweat from the entire face.


Made for improved hand dexterity

Relieves hand fatigue

4-zone cushioning


Not available in XXL size

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    Tanluhu Cycling Gloves

Made with thin breathable materials, the cycling gloves represent a top choice for anyone looking to cycling long distances. Their absorbent materials don’t compromise comfort as cushioning is added to the palm.

Sticky Velcro straps are added to these gloves for a tighter fit. The straps are made with a rubberized top surface so they don’t rip with frequent use. They are easy to use and some riders might even adjust them in the bike as needed. For a breathability break, they can be opened up. When cycling at higher speeds, the straps can be tightened back.

Damping pads design is added to the palms. It’s here that most cyclists can find the main plus of the gloves. 4 pads are added in key areas so that even with a tight handlebar grip, cyclists won’t feel uncomfortable.

Breathable mesh fabric on the back further improves breathability just as good as on premium gloves such as those from Castelli. However, the thin material is now known for its insulating action. As a result, the gloves are not recommended for wintertime use. With breathable materials, the gloves are best on Amazon for summertime use.


Made with Sticky Velcro straps

Designed with breathable materials

Available in 6 colors


Not best in colder climates

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    Nertpow Winter Cycling Bike Gloves

Cycling gloves winter riders need may be few and far in-between. But Nerptow’s gloves are made with some of the thinnest warm materials in the cycling community. Bike riders might also use these gloves are regular winter protective gloves when off the bike.

Warm windproof materials have been used on the gloves. The fabrics are water-resistant and those riding in the snow will be able to have dry and warm hands regardless of the weather conditions. Most importantly, these materials are not thick and they allow proper hand movements.

Silicone grips have been added for a better grip. The gloves allow tight handlebar grip from various angles. Road bikes can be grips vertically when riding in a lower aerodynamic position, which also applies to high-end endure bikes. City bikes and mountain bikes come with flat handlebars which are also properly gripped to prevent slipping with these gloves.

Fingers for touchscreen use have been added on this pair of gloves as on Gore or Luis Garneau gloves. Those who need to take a quick call don’t need to take the gloves off. For most riders, this also means they can handle GPS navigation systems better.

Elastic cuffs have been added to the gloves. They don’t require any adjustability such as with straps. Most importantly, these cuffs don’t allow cold air to enter the gloves.


Made with thin thermal wintertime protection

Designed for smartphone handling

Unisex design


Only available on black

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    BOODUN Gel Cycling Gloves

These gloves are available in all sizes from S to XXL. Made with thin materials and 8mm cushioning pads, they are lightweight and they feel comfortable for hours at a time. Those who wash the gloves on the go with soap and water are also able to have them sundried within an hour

55% polyester and 45% nylon are the materials of choice for the gloves. Among those seeking the ultimate durability, these materials are the most popular, especially for the price. Nylon is also used in other cycling clothes as a testament to its affordability to performance ratio. They have been often compared to Zookki or Giro Bravo gloves from this perspective

Shock-absorbing elastic 8mm foam padding has been added to the palms. The materials represent thin cushion pads judging by today’s standards. But these gloves remain a bit more unrestrictive as a result, on the other hand.

Thin lycra upper turns the gloves into another summertime favorite. The material doesn’t hold sweat and it allows the hands to stay cooler during cycling sessions in the hot summer days.

Colorful alternatives are available for these gloves. Bright blue and blue flower versions are among the favorites for women and teenage girls. But red and black versions are among the favorites for many riders.


Made with breathable lycra

55% polyester and 45% nylon

Stretchable materials


Not the thickest cushioning pads

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    Arltb Winter Bike Gloves

The comfortable gloves are made with stretchy materials and impressive futuristic design. Made for some of the most demanding riders, the gloves come with thin padding to maintain proper breathability while adding palm pads to decrease palm pain.

Breathable microfiber materials have been Arltb’s choice for flexibility. The materials offer one of the suitable options for frequent washing as well. Since the gloves are so comfortable, they’re also used in many other sports.

Full finger cycling gloves’ design means there’s no wind to worry about. Bike riders can better protect their gloves and they represent one of the top solutions for those who might be dealing with cracked skin and similar conditions.

Terry cloth wipe materials have been added on the gloves. Any rider needing to quickly get rid of sweat can use the gloves mid-ride. However, it’s still advisable to wash the gloves after every long bike ride to reduce bacteria build-up.

Adjustable straps keep the flexible gloves in place. Those seeking to improve the fit of the gloves simply need to find a better strap position. The gloves should not be too tight to prevent proper blood flow. But they shouldn’t be too loose for maximum grip.


Made with full finger design

Characterized by breathable materials

Suitable for all types of cycling


Only made for summertime use

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    Aisprts Cycling Gloves

The cycling gloves are among the most comfortable wintertime performers. Made to keep the hands warm using soft fleece, the gloves are among the top performers in low temperatures. Snow riders or those simply staying on their bikes when temperature drops might find the most appealing as they can also be used for driving or skiing.

Polyester fleece lining keeps the hands warm. Fleece is known for warming the hands quickly. But the softshell outer of the gloves also keeps the hands warmer. With waterproofing, the gloves might be also used for wintertime snow fun or snow shoveling.

Zipped closure makes getting these gloves on and off easier. This rare design makes them very practical. Make with large zippers, the gloves are very easy to put on even with freezing hands. Cyclists taking breaks quickly take them off with the help of the oversized zipper.

Waterproof materials help those who need to clear snow off the bike as well. Other gloves pick up moisture and they’re very slow to dry during the winter. But the gloves are snow-repellent and they might work on rainy days as well.

Designed for touchscreen use, the gloves are versatile for the modern cyclist. Soft rubber insertions on the tips of the fingers allow the gloves to be practical for touchscreen and navigation use. Those who ear a smartwatch might also find them a bit more interesting. The gloves are made with rubberized materials which allow users to answer or swipe smartwatch screens.


Made with zipped closure

Low-profile waterproof construction

Warm fleece materials


The rubber is a bit slippery

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    Tanluhu Cycling Gloves

These simple gloves are among the simplest options for cyclists. Made with breathable materials, gloves are suitable for summertime use. Road cycling might be among those wearing such thin gloves for maximum breathability and better aerodynamics.

Elastic lycra has been used on the gloves. It allows wearers to enjoy cooler hands as the material is moisture-wicking as seen in mesh fabric alternatives. Those wearing the gloves for a couple of hours note they rarely trap moisture even with heavy sweating.

Absorbent microfiber wiping thumbs have been added to the gloves. The small patch of material is used to wipe the eyes or the nose. Cyclists rarely have the time luxury to take out a napkin to wipe sweat, especially during intense riding sessions. This is why such designs made to wipe sweat are among the most practical.

Pull tab practicality has been added to the gloves. The pull tab represents the only option to help cyclists take the gloves off in the conditions of sweaty palms. Those who’ve struggled with sweaty hands during hot summer days know it can be hard to take the gloves off in these conditions.

There are plenty of sizes to choose from for the right fit. For example, M-size gloves are popular among many cyclists. They fit palms with a circumference between 7.5 and 8.3 inches, this is the equivalent of 19 to 21 cm. But they’re also available in small and extra-large versions to suit cyclists of various heights.

Thick pads on the gloves are particularly helpful for off-road bikers. The thick pads are suitable for mountain bikers or anyone into gravel biking.


Made with lycra materials

Available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL

Made with stretchy materials


Only washable by hand

Frequently Asked Questions

How important are cycling gloves?

Cycling gloves are not mandatory but they can be helpful. Unlike regular gloves, they come with support pads that have the role of absorbing road shocks.

Cyclists normally use these gloves to reduce the palm pain caused by rigid handlebars. Depending on the type of cycling riders are into, gloves come in various designs.

Road cycling requires smooth globes that don’t negatively impact aerodynamics. But mountain biking requires a bit more cushioning and less aerodynamics. This is the main reason for the thickness of the materials is going to be different from case to case. At the same time, some versatile gloves may be used in different types of cycling and even in other sports or activities.

What is better loose or tight cycling gloves?

Tight gloves can offer a problem in terms of comfort and breathability. As many cyclists can attest, having tight glove is not the best for sweaty palms. However, a tight fit might be better for practicality.

Some gloves are made with rubber insertions on the fingers to use touchscreen devices such as GPS’ or smartphones. In this case, the gloves need to be tight on the fingers.

Loose gloves have the advantage of better air circulation. These types of gloves are mainly used in off-road cycling where wind resistance is not as important as in road cycling.

How to clean cycling gloves?

Soap and water are used to clean cycling gloves. They’re rarely washed in the washing machine. For maximum water temperature, users should consult the tags which offer specific washing recommendations depending on the type of materials the gloves are made from.

How can I make my gloves tighter?

Cyclists can tighten gloves with Velcro straps. But most gloves tend to shrink in time when washed in warm to hot water. Those who want the tightest fit may only need to wash the gloves in hot water a few times before seeing them shrink.