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Best BMX Bikes

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When it comes to the best BMX bikes, there are thousands of options to look at. BMX parks are now easy to find and the right bike can be one of the best ways to enjoy that freestyle spirit made popular by teenagers for decades. With the right BMX frame size, wheels and materials, this freestyle riding is made easier. Here are the best bikes to use either in BMX parks, BMX racing or in BMX cruising.

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  • 1

    Elite 20" & 16" BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestle Bike

Made with a 16” frame, the freestyle BMX bike offers one of the simplest entry-level options for kids and teenagers. It requires assembly as most freestyle bikes. But the good news is that only 2 tools might be needed to get the job done. Among them, a reliable Allen wrench is what does the trick for most users.

When it’s shipped, the bike also has deflated wheels. Users need to get some air in the wheels once assembled before starting BMX racing. One of the drawbacks Elite’s bike has is that it doesn’t include any assembly instructions. However, most users recall having a short assembly process free of complications.

Made with a steel frame and handlebar, the bike is rugged and durable. It even includes a pair of pedals so that riders can perform tricks as soon as its assembled. Often seen among the best BMX bikes, it also comes in various colors.

Blue, gunmetal, and white are among its solid color options. But color combinations are also popular as they feature wheels in different colors compared to the frame. The black-green combination seems to be popular in this style.


Made from high-quality hi-tensile steel

Quick assembly process

Available in multiple colors


Doesn’t include assembly instructions

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    Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion is probably one of the most popular bikes today. It enjoys a good reputation, excellent access to spare parts, and design known for durability. Online forums also describe its use and maintenance in detail as a result of its popularity.

Since it’s known for its resilience, it’s often used in BMX parks for various tricks. One thing users note that it comes with a low seatpost as expected. However, those who don’t plan to use it for tricks in bike parks might need a higher seatpost which is available separately.

With its 20” wheels, the bike is ready to tackle ramps or rails at any skill level with its durable pegs. It has been among the popular YouTube options especially when seeking a more affordable alternative to professional BMX bikes.

There’s only a rear-wheel alloy U-brake on the bike for stopping power. This is mainly due to its freestyle bike profile. Those who want a BMX bike to use to ride around the block might need an extra front brake.

But one area where the Mongoose Legion comes up above the competition is the paintwork quality. This is where it shows its true aesthetic at the activity as it offers plenty of options for boys and girls. However, as with all BMX racing bikes, everything is not perfect. Some riders note the seat comes to lose too much and it needs a bit of attention from time to time.


Very popular and a good gift idea

Available in various colors

Includes plastic pedals


The seatpost needs tightening from time to time

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    Elite 20" & 18" BMX Bicycle destro Model Freestyle Bike

When it comes to freestyle riding, there are a few key areas of the bike which need to be strong. The top tube, as well as the bearings, need to be made with some of the best materials. Elite’s Destro comes with a reinforced BMX frame that is ready to tackle some of the most demanding tricks.

Its hub is made with an aluminum shell and sealed bearings just as on the best BMX bikes. Among others, it represents a valuable design that is ready to tackle rail tricks. Riders who’re not into these tricks might also look elsewhere, as it’s not necessarily the most affordable BMX bicycle on the list.

Apart from these qualities and the reinforced tubing, the BMX bike also comes with a pro-level saddle. With added foam, it offers much-needed relief after riding and standing for hours at a time. Also made with a Cro-Mo 3-piece crankset, the bike is ready to deal with the most demanding daily use.

In terms of popularity, not much can be added to improve its name further. Already seen at the Asian X Games, this bike is one of the go-to options of riders such as Ryan Guettler. If not everybody is going to be the next freestyle bike racing champion, the riders certainly look like them. The bike is sold in unique copper or neo chrome colors.


Made with a 3-piece Cro-Mo crankset

Rolls on aluminum shell sealed bearings

Designed with reinforced tubing


Not the most affordable BMX bike

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    Mongoose Title Pro XL BMX Race Bike

Anyone between 5’7” – 6’0” is right for this incredibly-affordable bike. With a lightweight aluminum frame, it is one of the BMX freestyle bikes to consider when just starting out. It’s internal cabling also means it lasts even if the users are not the most inclined person to do frequent bike maintenance.

The aluminum frame has a top bar at 20.5”, making it just the right size for the average BMX rider. When it comes to its superiority to a tensile steel frame alternatives, opinions are divided. But what’s sure is the bike is lighter than many new riders expect.

Anyone between 5’7” – 6’0” is right for this incredibly-affordable bike. With a lightweight aluminum frame, it is one of the BMX freestyle bikes to consider when just starting out. It’s internal cabling also means it lasts even if the users are not the most inclined person to do frequent bike maintenance.

The aluminum frame has a top bar at 20.5”, making it just the right size for the average BMX rider. When it comes to its superiority to a tensile steel frame alternatives, opinions are divided. But what’s sure is the bike is lighter than many new riders expect.

The drivetrain is not made either. It’s made with the 170mm tubular Chromoly frame and crank and its paired with aluminum bearings for that lightweight durability seen on the best BMX bikes even among popular Amazon releases. The V-brake and the brake levers are also aluminum-made and they add serious stopping power. These are known to be responsive and together with the aluminum handlebar and fork, it offers responsive handling and tight steering response.

The bike is also easy to assemble. One of its main benefits is it already comes pre-assembled and there are very little riders need to do to have it race-ready.


Very affordable for an entry-level bike

Made from with an aluminum frame

One of the lightest bikes at just 3.11 pounds


Only available in red and blue

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    Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Made for adults, the Mongoose Title 24 has a 27.5 inch toptube compared to the 28 inches of the Title Elite 24. But its aluminum frame and the 24” inch wheels make it the right option for those coming back to BMX racing as well.

It handles jumps, acceleration, and quick turns well. It uses some of the characteristics of its Elite bigger brother and it has that racing profile many riders are looking for. The best BMX bike aluminum frame and headset also comes with internal cabling. Cleaning the bike becomes much easier as a result.

The same proven 3-piece Chromoly crank is one of its frames as well. With aluminum ball bearings and an aluminum handlebar, these bikes are responsive. Part of this responsiveness comes from the quality of the wheels. The manufacturer chose Arisun XLR8 tires with double-wall aluminum rims.

Made with a racing pedigree, the bike is also ready to assemble in minutes. One area riders note to require special attention is the tension of the chain. While not listed in the assembly manual, this is a step that needs to be taken especially before a race. Investing in a simple chain tensioner tool is all that’s needed.


Made from T1 aluminum

Designed with a racing pedigree

50mm stem length


The chain needs tensioning

  • 6

    Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike

This bike is particularly useful for biking with a height between 5’3” and 5’8”. However, those who really like its design may also find different versions to work better. For example, riders above 6’0” may consider the Elite Pro XXL as a valuable alternative.

But the bike itself comes with better aluminum than what is seen on most affordable alternatives. Tectonic T1 biaxial hydroformed aluminum is used on the frame. Even if it’s larger, it still remains lightweight. Closer to the 3-pound mark, the BMX bike is ready for action while being one of the lightest designs for tricks and racing.

Its durability is above average as well. For example, it comes with a 10mm hollow axle sealed front hub which is known for its resilience. The same can be said about its sealed bearings which seem to last a bit more than the average user really needs.


The shortest top tube length in the Title series

Excellent choice of aluminum materials

Built by a brand with a long manufacturing history


The chain needs tightening

  • 7

    Throne Cycles The Goon 29"

Made in collaboration with some of LA’s most prominent figures in BMX urban cycling, the ride impresses with its looks. The 29er offers a distinct profile which certainly turns heads on the streets. It’s not a bike necessarily made for tricks. Similar to a cruiser, it is suitable for adults or anyone going on short commutes.

It even comes with a rear brake for safety reasons. The rear brake may be installed from various angles. Those who simply use the bike for tricks prefer not to install the hand brakes at all. Furthermore, its assembly is simple as well. It comes with a bolt-tightening tool in the pack.


Suitable for urban riding

Developed in collaboration with LA’s BMX racers

Stylish urban design


Brakes need professional adjustment for the best stopping power

  • 8

    Redline PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

Made by one of the best BMX brands with a high-end steel frame, the BMX cruiser is perfect for street riding. However, some consider it among the right options for racing. It has a hybrid profile that allows riders to enjoy cycling inside city limits but which also supports freestyle racing on the track, flatland or int the skate park.

Its retro design is also highly popular. As a result, it has been used on other bikes such as the Moncog 29 or the Moncog RL275. Available on blue, gray, yellow and orange, the bike is certainly a nice addition to either kids or adults who need their tricks’ freedom around city streets.


Made with a Chromoly steel frame

Suitable for track use

Made with a retro design


The 6mm sprocket comes with a 22mm adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BMX bike?

A BMX bike is made for BMX riding which is characterized by freestyle handling. with a single-speed bike Many BMX bikes are seen in skate parks but they can be used on off-road tracks or as cruisers as well. These bikes are different from mountain bikes are they are mainly made for freestyle riding.

What size BMX bike do I need?

A rider up to the height of 4’4’ is considered a junior and needs a 17” to 18.5” bike. Kids below this height usually use 15”-16” BMX bikes. At expert level teenagers and adults user larger bikes. Their size varies from 18.5” to 20.5” and above.


How to do BMX tricks?

There are many tricks to be performed on these BMX bikes. One of the popular tricks is 180. Technically, it’s not as complicated to perform like others. Riding forward, the rider needs to look over the left of the right shoulder while lifting and kicking the rear tire in the same direction.

How to do a wheelie on a BMX bike?

The wheelie is another popular BMX bike trick. To perform it, riders need to push their body weight down and forwards to change the center of gravity and pull the handlebar back. It’s simply a process of finding the right balance.

How to bunny hop a BMX?

The bunny hop is also similar to the beginning of the trick. Riders need to lay on the level pedals and pull on the handlebar with their arms straightened out. The same process is repeated when lifting the rear wheel but the center of gravity is changed to the front by bending forward. These two movements together are the bunny hop BMX trick.

How to barspin a BMX?

While jumping, spinning the handlebar to one direction is called the barspin. This movement is performed with a single hand in order to catch the handlebar again with both hands before landing.

How to tailwhip a BMX?

The tailwhip is performed on jumping movements. The rider needs to kick the rear of the bike hard enough while holding the handlebar until it rotates completely at least one time.