A Guide to the Rules of Wrestling

Wrestling is a physically challenging combat sport that requires the execution of grappling, as well as various tactics such as throws and takedowns, to ground your adversary. During a wrestling competition, there are two distinct lines on the mat where each participant places a toe. The contest officially commences once the referee blows the whistle.

Before getting started, make sure you have the right gear for comfort, performance, and safety, such as:

You can win the match either by scoring more points or pinning your opponent down. Pinning is a term used to describe putting your opponent on their back with both shoulder blades touching the mat for at least 2 seconds. The pinned wrestler immediately loses the match, but if no one gets pinned, the winner will be the one who managed to score more points. There are 5 ways to score points in a wrestling match:

Takedown (2 points)

The main objective of wrestling is to pin your opponent and establish your own dominance without violence, and in many cases, this involves doing a takedown. It’s scored when one wrestler takes control over the opponent by disabling their supporting points (knees, things, buttocks, or hands).

To successfully do a takedown, a wrestler must be in a neutral position. This means that they can’t have control over their opponent or vice versa. A takedown counts if happened in-bounds, but it also can be counted if the wrestler’s feet are in-bounds or touching the mat at the end of the movement.

A Guide to the Rules of Wrestling

Escape (1 point)

Only a defensive wrestler is able to score an escape point by going back to the neutral position after being down. You can also score an escape if you are out of bounds but your opponent is in-bounds at the end of the move.

Reversal (2 points)

A reversal refers to gaining back control over your opponent after you’ve been down on the mat by coming from underneath them. The most common example of a reversal is moving from the bottom to the top position. Reversal can also be obtained from out-of-bounds if one of the wrestlers ends up in-bounds.

Near fall (2 or 3 points)

Near fall is getting close to pinning your opponent but not doing fully doing it. Only offensive wrestlers can score near falls by springing back onto high bridge, leaning on the elbows of their opponents or exposing their shoulders up to 4 inches to the mat. By holding them in any of these positions for at least 2 seconds, you will score 2 points. Furthermore, if an offensive wrestler resists holding an opponent for 5 seconds he will score 3 match points for doing that.

Penalty Points (1 or 2 points)

  • Penalty points are given to your opponent if you commit any of the following infractions – illegal holds, technical violations, unnecessary roughness, stalling, or having an incorrect starting position. The first and second time you are penalized, your opponent is awarded one point.

The third time you are penalized, your opponent is awarded two points. If you end up getting penalized for the fourth time, your will be disqualified from the match. For having an incorrect starting position you will be warned twice. If you don’t comply with the rules, then one point is awarded for each following infraction, but you will not be disqualified.

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