A Beginner’s Guide to MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, also known as MMA, is frequently seen as one of the most dangerous competitive sports. The very term evokes a comprehensive knowledge of different fighting techniques. The level of dedication and many sacrifices needed to perfect these strategies are substantial. This ability to apply these techniques effectively to defeat opponents is what makes MMA so fascinating.

MMA was originally marketed as a “no holds barred” discipline, but as it rose to popularity as a sport it has been followed by more safety rules. Although it still remains very brutal, there are a lot of things that aren’t permitted in MMA. The use of knees or kicks to the head of a grounded opponent are some of the things that aren’t permitted in this world. This demands a stable mindset since the sport includes a lot of brain activity.

Matches can be won on points, by submissions, and by K.O. / T.K.O.. This leaves a lot of space for creativity and variety, which is one of the reasons why this sport rose in popularity very quickly. Engaging in MMA demands cutting off all the bad habits in your life, especially if you want to be a successful warrior. Dealing with these things will strengthen your mindset and improve your physical strength.

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Training martial arts has not only physical, but mental benefits as well. Learning how to defend yourself is the key part of it. There is nothing worse than being in a desperate situation you have no influence over. A true fighter is unfamiliar with this feeling. Developing a warrior’s mindset with no fear has a major impact on self-esteem. This path will introduce you to different philosophies that certain martial arts are based on, and it can be useful in dealing with other parts of your life.

The Three Main Components of MMA

A Beginner’s Guide to MMA


Beneficial expertise for striking involves boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Although boxing is simpler than MMA, learning it can improve the speed and strength of your fists, as well as the lightness of your legs. Boxing matches will help you construct a more strategic point of view in the fight. When it comes to kick-boxing, the main characteristic that separates it from boxing is the use of legs, while Muay Thai also allows the use of knees and elbows, so make sure you choose from the best mouthguards as well as MMA gloves and maybe some Muay Thai gloves. The combination of these three fighting forms will make you strong and durable, but this isn’t the only key to mastering MMA.


This component includes a few styles, but all of them are based on the same thing – throwing and pinning down your opponent to the mat. Since the Greco-Roman style of wrestling doesn’t allow you the use of legs for scoring, freestyle wrestling should be the starting point of your training. It takes a lot of effort to master wrestling, but the end result will provide you with a chance of winning against stronger opponents.

When you get familiar with various grabs and throws it will be time to move on to other styles. Getting into Greco style will help you acknowledge the importance of positioning in a fight. This will help you get close to the opponent with a controlled body position that allows you to attack first.

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Chokes, arm locks and leg locks are a necessary part of MMA training. Through martial arts styles such as jiu jitsu you can master a lot of submissions. These are the things that usually put a fight to its end, which means that they should be practiced the most.

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Learning the fundamentals of these components is the base for entering a cage. From a psychological point of view, MMA is a very hard discipline. Watching UFC fights make people wonder how good it would be if they had that kind of strength and skill set. There’s a possibility that these thoughts led someone to start with MMA training, but the majority go back to their remote controls.

This is because training MMA demands focus, motivation and patience. These people strive for constant progress, which affects their way of living. Improving all segments of life is a common thing for a determined person. A true fighter will go through a lot of pain and sacrifice to accomplish the goal of becoming the best version of himself, and this mindset is a must in the MMA world.

A Beginner’s Guide to MMA

Here are some tips for getting into MMA:

  • MMA demands a stable both physical and mental state to engage in fights, so this section will be dedicated not so much to the technical part, but to the philosophy of a battle itself. It is common that fighters are familiar with the majority of martial arts, so being physically strong will not take you far if you don’t learn to acknowledge your opponent’s weaknesses as well as to use them against him.
  • Focus on your stance. Footwork is the basis for positioning whether you’re attacking your opponent or defending yourself. Through MMA you will understand the strategic point of your feet and how important it is to maintain stability at all times.
  • Un-mix the martial arts and train each one separately. Attending a MMA class is enjoyable with a lot of useful experience, but will not introduce you to all the fundamentals.
  • Invest in some good quality training and sparring gear.

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  • Learn to control your opponent. A good way to succeed in this area is to be aware of your weaknesses. Don’t let anyone’s energy influence the way you fight. If you’re good at jiu jitsu, try to lead the opponent to the ground. If you have good strikes, keep the distance. Learning to apply your abilities in certain situations will have a beneficial impact in controlling your fights.
  • Don’t focus on the fancy stuff. Learning a backflip will be useless in the ring. Try to avoid investing your time in exercises that may cause unnecessary injuries. The best way of showing off, is to win!
  • Develop good wrestling skills. It will help you with gaining control during the fight, since you will learn how to overpower an opponent at close distance.

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