How to Buy the Best Sit Up Bench

Any fitness buff can confidently tell you about the many benefits of doing regular sit ups. They strengthen core muscles, improve stability and balance, sustain your overall health, and, of course, help you look your best.

Sit ups have become such an integral part of the fitness community that many popular workout routines would simply feel incomplete without the exercise. Considering this, it’s truly no surprise that fitness companies have spent a lot of time, money, and effort into trying to develop the best sit up bench on the market. These benches are not only designed to help fitness enthusiasts build core muscles, but also reduce the risk of untoward injuries.

With that said, we now come to the real question: are sit up benches effective? Yes…provided that you pick the right bench! Whether you pick a flat sit up bench, decline sit up bench, upside down sit up bench, vertical sit up bench, or some other type of sit up bench, you need to do your due diligence. Invest some time and effort to read up on bench reviews, so that you can make a more informed decision. Trust us! Your upper and lower abs will thank you for it later.

Phoenix 99255 Adjustable SlantboardPhoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard4.1/5
Abdominal Bench By Deltech FitnessAbdominal Bench By Deltech Fitness4.6/5
Body Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB BoardBody Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board4.3/5
XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.14.3/5
Ancheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Fitness Dumbbell With Speed BallAncheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Fitness Dumbbell With Speed Ball4.9/5
Deltech Fitness Sit Up BenchDeltech Fitness Sit Up Bench4.2/5
Tenive Pro Adjustable Decline Folding Ab Bench Sit Up Board with Resistance Bands BlackTenive Pro Adjustable Decline Folding Ab Bench Sit Up Board with Resistance Bands Black4.9/5
Adjustable Decline Sit Up Bench Ab Crunch Board with Dumbbells and a ResistanceAdjustable Decline Sit Up Bench Ab Crunch Board with Dumbbells and a Resistance4.2/5
Valor Athletics Sit Up BenchValor Athletics Sit Up Bench4.3/5
XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench XM-4415XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench XM-44154/5
IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Extension BenchIRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Extension Bench4.9/5

Bench Reviews

So, which is the best sit up bench for me? Here, I’ve compiled a few bench reviews to help you in your future purchase. Whatever your choice may be, make sure you’re getting the right one!

Phoenix 99255 Adjustable Slantboard

Phoenix 99255 Adjustable SlantboardThe adjustable slant board on the Phoenix 99255 will allow you to enjoy more flexibility when doing sit ups and other abdominal exercises, such as leg raises or reverse planks. You can use it as a weight bench by setting it to flat and doing presses with free weights or you can use it as a decline bench by setting it to decline and doing abdominal exercises.

The Phoenix 99255 is easy enough to assemble, especially for those who only spend most of their workouts at home. It’s also easy to store: you can just hide the bench under your bed after using it. Some users do gripe about the workmanship, but at around $70, it’s great for those who want an effective workout without blowing the bank!

Abdominal Bench By Deltech Fitness

Abdominal Bench By Deltech FitnessThis abdominal bench by Deltech Fitness is a straightforward, well-built product that you can get at a fair price from online retailers. It’s incredibly sleek-looking, but doesn’t sacrifice its functionality for its aesthetics. The incline is adjustable enough to allow for most abdominal exercises, giving you more adaptability in your abs workout.

The product could have had more features and some users have admitted that assembly was quite problematic, saying that a handle to get in and out could have made their workouts less strenuous, but this abdominal bench by Deltech Fitness would most likely be a great purchase for you, with its relatively low price of around the $80 mark.

Body Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board

Body Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB BoardThe AB Board by Body Solid is specially designed for abdominal exercises that aim for core strengthening, allowing enough resistance to make these workouts very worth your while. Stability is the key to doing sit ups with perfect form and this product features well-placed, sturdy 8-inch foam rollers that afford exercisers more firmness while working out their core muscles.

You can adjust the AB Board in twelve different ways. The price tag is significantly higher than the first two products mentioned—at around $190—but Body Solid’s AB Board is definitely a well-built product. Construction is just top-notch and the workmanship is really up there!

Even with its price, this could be the best bench your money buy! The product looks and feels like it belongs to a commercial gym, but it’s handy enough to be used at home.

XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1 (Gray or White)

XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1Perhaps the best feature of this bench from XMark Fitness is the notably thick foam rollers and paddings, which provide you with an ample amount of support. The handle is well-positioned for mounting and dismounting, and the bench can be modified to up to twelve vertical adjustments. It’s got really nifty features that’ll prove to be helpful when it comes to strengthening your core muscles.

The people who’ve bought this bench have also noted how easy it is to assemble. While it’s a large piece of equipment that may as well belong to a commercial gym, it’s also perfect for home use because of its overall utility. At just over $140, it’s also really durable and can take much abuse from even the most intense fitness junky!

Ancheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Fitness Dumbbell With Speed Ball

Ancheer Fully Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench Fitness Dumbbell With Speed BallDeveloped and manufactured by Ancheer, most fitness buffs will definitely find the speed ball on this bench to be a welcome addition. The feature will not only allow you to be better-rounded in your workouts, but it will also be extremely useful if you do martial arts! This bench is loaded with features. You can even attach dumbbells or ropes to its side, in case you want to add some free weights to your workout. It’s portable enough to carry around and you can also dismantle it very easily, in case you want to some extra space.

Overall, we think it’s pretty versatile, seeing as you can adjust the leg height to your liking, allowing you to target more muscles in your body. This is pretty much means that it can function as a home gym all on its own! If you can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have the time to go to the gym, this bench from Ancheer—priced at a measly $65 – $70—might be the best sit up bench for you!

Deltech Fitness Sit Up Bench

Deltech Fitness Sit Up BenchThis bench is another Deltech creation that aims to improve specifically on sit ups. Its solid frame ensures long-term durability, which you may find appealing. It doesn’t take up too much space, so if you’re always on the go, it may be the ideal product for you.

This product is priced at around $99. While there are admittedly cheaper alternatives, there’s also no denying that going for the el cheapo model could mean compromising on the product quality. You’re definitely in for some high-quality workmanship if you ever decide to purchase this sit up bench!

Tenive Pro Adjustable Decline Folding Ab Bench Sit Up Board with Resistance Bands Black

Tenive Pro Adjustable Decline Folding Ab Bench Sit Up Board with Resistance Bands BlackAs you can guess from the name, this ab bench from Tenive is packed with goodies and extra features that allow you to be more versatile in your workouts! It’s pretty easy to assemble, even if you’re not a mechanically-inclined type of person. However, don’t be fooled by its ease of assembly, this product is definitely strong enough to handle even the toughest exercise routines.

On the other hand, there is one downside that may turn off some fitness buffs. Unlike some of the other products we previously talked about, it only allows for five adjustable positions. This may be a disadvantage, but if you’re planning to stick to the most essential workouts while still enjoying a bit more variety, then you might want to give Tenive’s bench a shot.

The cost? Around a meagre $37 through online retailers.

Adjustable Decline Sit Up Bench Ab Crunch Board with Dumbbells and a Resistance

Adjustable Decline Sit Up Bench Ab Crunch Board with Dumbbells and a ResistanceMost gym goers will probably agree that benches with dumbbell attachments are kind of convenient, especially for those who want to do compound exercises that focus on the chest and shoulders. Fit Leader’s decline bench already includes a pair of dumbbells, as well as resistance bands. The vinyl-wrapped rollers also give out a sleek aesthetic that many casual exercisers find appealing at first glance. If you’re not willing to shell out money on additional weight benches, then Fit Leader’s product could be the perfect fit for you.

However, take note that it only gets you four incline positions, so you may not find the product flexible enough, especially when you want to do certain exercises. Additionally, some previous purchasers did encounter some minor assembly issues, mainly because the instructions were a bit unclear. If you’re going to make this purchase, then we definitely suggest that you exercise a reasonable degree of caution, especially if you’re not mechanically savvy.

Valor Athletics Sit Up Bench

Valor Athletics Sit Up’s sit up bench is another product that’s specifically designed to produce the best sit up experience. Aside from the great support its foam rollers provide, this bench doesn’t have very many bells and whistles, but the build quality is right up there.

Some previous purchasers did note that the bottom roller was too low, so that might affect your workout, especially if you’re a tall guy. The bench overall is incredibly solid though and that could make the purchase worth your while. Ironcompany’s sit up bench retails at around $119, which is a bit steep. However, the excellent quality makes up for the price tag!

XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench XM-4415

XMark Mini Ab Decline Bench XM-4415As mentioned before, durability is definitely a very important factor to consider when choosing the best sit up bench. So, if you’re looking for something that’s incredibly well-built, this decline bench from XMark may be your best bet! Its sleek, non-flamboyant design is great in itself, but its attractive finish truly makes it stand out even in high-end commercial gyms. The protective feet prevent the bench from skidding, which is a common problem for many other workout benches on the market.

Great stability is crucial for every workout bench and that’s exactly what XMark’s adjustable decline bench offers hardcore gym rats. Some users, however, noted that the incline was not steep enough, but that’s most likely a preference thing. The bench is fairly priced at around $88 and is almost certainly a great investment!

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Extension Bench

IRONMAN Triathlon X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Extension BenchIf you’re looking for something that doubles as a hyper bench, IRONMAN may have the perfect product for your needs. With its capacity of around 650 lbs, it’s great for heavy-duty exercises, as well as compound movements. And if you hate sweat getting soaked up in the foam and padding, then we’ve got great news for you: this bench is sweat-resistant!

The bench also suits individuals of different height and build. If you’re not comfortable with the position, then all you need to do is take advantage of its fully adjustable features. Assembly, according to users, is a cinch and does not require much know-how.

When buying a bench for your abs workout, here are a few things you’ll want to consider:


The best utility bench is often designed to be adjustable, so that you can do numerous other exercises aside from sit ups, such as leg raises, crunches, and frog kicks. The adjustability also affects overall comfort and will help you get the most out of your workouts.


You’ll spend a lot of your time working out on benches, whether doing abdominal exercises or free weights on a flat, decline, or incline surface. Considering this, it’s extremely important that you check the bench review for any clues as to how durable the bench is. You’ll definitely want one that will keep its body solid and durable over the years.


Some benches may take up too much space, especially for your home or for small commercial gyms. In these instances, you’ll definitely want a bench that can easily be dismantled, assembled, and transported.


Features also play a key part in determining the sit up bench benefits. Features designed for free weights, a stability ball, and handles can help you perform all the workouts you need.

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There’s no hard and fast rule when deciding on the best sit up bench. A particular product may work well for one gym rat, but not the other. So, when deciding on which bench to purchase, let your needs speak! Consider which factors you want to prioritize. Do you need it to be adjustable, so you can use it for other workouts? Do you need it to stand up to your rough exercise routine? Do you need it to be portable, so that you can maximize the space in your already cramped apartment? Or do you enjoy having a product that has a lot of extra features, maximizing its range of use? Carefully consider all of these questions and you’ll be well on your way to building the best abs!